Cream with SPF 100, essential oils instead of perfume and 10 more beauty secrets Nicole Kidman

June 20 Nicole Kidman – 54. After her success in Big Little Lies, she starred in several more projects. But especially often talked about her work in the film “Scandal” and the mini-series “Play Back”. In August of this year, the actress will appear in the title role of another interesting series, filmed by Moriarty Liana’s bestseller “Nine Complete Strangers.” In it, Nicole will play the director of a SPA hotel, where people will come for rehabilitation and healing. But her heroine will have specific methods of restoring the mental health of her guests. But one thing can be said on the first shots: Kidman will look perfect on the screen again – with styling, light makeup, and beautiful clothes. However, one cannot find fault with all her images in the cinema. And in life, a celebrity looks just as great. studied the beauty secrets of the actress, which she herself told in an interview.

1) Nicole Kidman always has a perfect figure. And that’s because the actress is a fan of a healthy lifestyle. She eats exclusively organic vegetables and fruits, sometimes – lean meats and fish. And no fastwood, sugar or salt.

2) Sometimes the actress indulges herself with a glass of white wine, grapes and a bran bun – most importantly, in small quantities. The rest of the time, Nicole adheres to the same principle – she eats several times a day, but in small portions.

3) In addition to diet, regular sports help to keep the actress slim. Nicole grew up in Australia, which means that the love of water is in her blood: the actress devotes 30 minutes of swimming every day.

4) Nicole drinks at least three liters of water a day and loves herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices – they help cleanse the body of toxins and energize.

5) By the way, the actress found a non-standard use for juices – she rinses her hair with them. Returning to her natural red color, she rinses her hair with cranberry juice – it starts to shine. For blondes, this technique should be repeated with champagne, and for brunettes with black tea or coffee.

6) The actress carefully cares for her porcelain skin and never exposes it to the sun’s rays – she is afraid of melanoma. “I used to say, ‘Why do we need all these creams?’ But as I got older, I realized that it is important to regularly take care of your skin. I often shoot outdoors, so the most important thing for me is to use sunscreen. I love Neutrogena SPF 100+ (Kidman is the face of this brand – editorial note). I apply it every 90 minutes when I’m outdoors, ”Nicole admitted in an interview with Allure.

7) Nicole does not hide the fact that she regularly goes to the beautician, and before that she constantly gave injections of botulinum toxin. True, then she realized that this method did not suit her. “I was happy to be able to move my forehead again!” – the actress admitted. Now she gets by with La Mer cream or Aquaphor ointment – great for dry skin.

Face cream Crème de la Mer, La Mer and Healing Ointment, Aquaphor

9) In everyday life, Kidman hardly uses cosmetics – he paints his eyebrows and eyelashes with special paint so as not to waste time on mascara and pencils.

10) Nicole is a mother of four children, in her bag a large cosmetic bag is replaced with toys. Therefore, the actress prefers universal remedies: for example, Benetint, Benefit – she applies it both on the lips and on the apples of the cheeks.

Liquid pigment Benetint, Benefit

11) Many makeup artists have conjured up Nicole’s makeup, but Kate Sinott – one of the few who was able to delicately emphasize the porcelain shade of her face. “Popular Instagram contouring is not suitable for pale skin,” says the makeup artist. She also advises avoiding warm-toned bronzers and glitter highlighters.

12) The actress mixes essential oils and uses them instead of perfume – the recipe is kept secret. In 2004, Nicole became the face of the legendary Chanel No.5 fragrance and starred in a three-minute commercial based on the movie “Moulin Rouge”.

Text: Anastasia Speranskaya