eight lipsticks from MAC, Pupa and Rouje

Traditionally, lip palettes are a tool for makeup artists who mix different shades of lipsticks to achieve the exact color for specific shoots or client requests. For example, Lisa Eldridge has her own palette of 21 shades of red, each of which she gave its own name. But most makeup artists don’t try so hard – they just mix tones as they like.

For lovers, lipsticks are also made: at MAC they are available in a professional line, and Rouje and Pupa release them in a photogenic instagram design.

In this palette, MAC has collected all of their most popular shades of red. Namely: Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red, Lady Danger, On Hold, Dare You. You can use a solo, or you can mix it as you like. For example, makeup artist Marc Jacobs Beauty and Tina Kunakey Harold James inflicts on the upper lip a mix of pink and scarlet shades, and on the lower lip – a slightly more saturated red. With the Pro Lip Palette, you can try that too.

Price: 3 450 rub.

First of all, we paid attention to the design. Bright, noticeable, stylish. It’s also great that Pupa made one shade matte and one glossy. Both can be layered if you want a richer color. At Rive Gauche, this palette is now presented at a great discount.

Price: 399 rub.

An alternative to the professional palette from MAC In the Golden Apple, Til Midnight is available in two colors: Vacation and Timeless. Interestingly, each shade has its own name – the time when it is better to use it: 14 o’clock, 19 o’clock, 23 o’clock. All have a matte finish, so the lipstick will not spread and will last up to 6 hours on the lips.

Price: 1 069 rub.

Landa Branda is a Swedish make-up brand. The company produces all the palettes in paper packages that fit in a pocket. One of them – with four shades of red (with a glossy and matte finish). Each has a medium-density pigment, which means that lipsticks can be layered.

Price: 755 rub.

First, about the issue of pricing. Kryolan is a brand of professional cosmetics and make-up, therefore, its target audience is appropriate. Pay attention to the brand if you are seriously into makeup. For example, this palette has 18 lip shades ranging from peach to rich sandy, with a matte and glossy finish.

Price: 6 480 rub.

The most Instagrammed palette. You can choose from three lipstick variations: scarlet, pink and nude. All combinations are great! But they suggest applying lipstick with your fingers, but you yourself understand everything … so do not be too lazy to buy a brush for it.

Price: 3 307 rub.

This palette, like the Kryolan, has 18 shades. But look at the color scheme! And even if you understand that you will use yellow about once in your life, why not afford a palette that will replace all lip products for you! And Anastasia Beverly Hills is always about quality.

Price: 3 200 rub.

This palette by The Balm isn’t just for lips. It includes shadows and contouring products. Lipsticks are presented in three, by the way, quite universal colors. If these are the shades that suit you, do your makeup deftly with just one face palette. This is what we call sustainability!

Price: 1 299 rub.