here’s what you need to know if you dare

Wolf haircut is a new social media trend that really energized the industry. British Vogue cites the following statistics: this summer, the number of searches for “wolf cut hairstyle” has grown by 250% on Google, and the hashtag #wolfcut TikTok already has 415 million views. On Pinterest, this haircut also seems to be wanted by everyone.

Perhaps the popularity of this style is the next step after mullet haircuts (when the hair is cut short in front and on the sides, and the back is long – like David Bowie and Miley Cyrus) and shag (translated from English as “shaggy” – in fact, the hair is given a deliberate negligence). Wolf haircut has layering, volume and freedom.

Of course, such a hairstyle requires courage, but, as stylists say, it always emphasizes a person’s personal style and does not imply perfect styling. A prime example of Wolf Haircut for real life – Billie Eilish’s latest haircut and Demi Lovato… A more unusual option is for the model Ella Emkhov… Moreover, the wolf haircut was made specifically for shooting Proenza Schouler. As you can see, hair length doesn’t matter – texture matters. And one more thing – such a haircut opens the face. Therefore, before doing it, think about whether you are ready for this.

Egor Ryabchik

Egor Ryabchik

stylist, creator of the Bublik hairdressing network

Such an active texture of haircuts is most suitable for those whose hair is naturally curly – especially since we are now seeing a trend towards naturalness.

With the help of such a haircut, you can coolly emphasize the natural curly texture, add volume to the hairstyle, airiness and lightness to the whole image.

And you can fit in different ways. Use stylers to make each curl even more expressive. Brushing will also be appropriate if you need to work with volume.

For this haircut, I recommend using light, dry and weightless styling products. For example, OSIS + Texture Craft texturing spray from Schwarzkopf Professional for fixing. Or, if we want a more grungy texture, OSIS + Beach Texture. And in order to accentuate curls, use fluid products: for example, OSIS + Bouncy Curls.