how and what is needed for facial care at home

Every woman dreams of preserving freshness and youth as long as possible. Of course, it makes no sense to argue over time and, nevertheless, regular skin care and the body allows us to look, if not young, then at least not older than our age. Especially it concerns skin faces.

To achieve visible results skin care, it is worth adhering to the three most important rules: systematicity, a sequential order of actions and correctly selected cosmetics. With such a competent approach, maintain excellent quality skin, it is possible to preserve and increase its biological potential even at home.

What you need for facial care

For facial skin care special types of cosmetics have been created and used:

  • cleansing
  • tonic
  • moisturizing
  • feeding
  • protecting

In turn, all cosmetics for leaving are divided depending on the type and type skinfor which it applies. Leather can be normal, dry, oily, combined.

For the right effect from facial skin care, first of all, it is important to determine the type to which your leather… This can be done both independently and with the help of a specialist cosmetologist.

How to choose the right skin care products

Despite the small set of types skin, the care for each individual is individual. What works for a neighbor, friend, or colleague may not work for you. For the optimal selection of the right product needed a beautician who will do this taking into account age, type and individual characteristics skin

How to determine your skin type

Dry skin easily determined after washing – you are haunted by a feeling of discomfort, tightness and dryness on your face. Such leatheris usually very fine and is characterized by the early appearance of fine lines and almost invisible pores. V dry skin care it is necessary to include moisture-retaining and protective equipment.

Oily skin glitters desperately. Acne and blackheads often appear on it, pores are visible, which are easily clogged with dirt. For oily skin care it is important to use products containing soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, as well as matting ingredients that can control the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Combination skin glistens on the face in places, that is, it can be dry on the cheeks, and oily on the forehead, nose or chin (T-zone). Such leather often problematic, requiring a combination of care, which multimasking works best with.

Normal skin is extremely rare. It is smooth, not shiny and does not need medical care, but only supportive therapy: daily light moisturizing and nourishment maintains the ideal appearance and depth. skin

The correct choice of the composition of the care products

Having defined the view skin, we choose products for her care, for which we carefully study the composition of the components of cosmetics.

  • Moisturizers skin contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, grape, green tea.
  • Means for high-quality saturation of the dermis with vitamins and microelements, its softening and restoration include natural cosmetic oils: coconut, apricot, rosehip oil, jojoba, avocado.
  • Clay, charcoal, black tea, grapefruit, burdock extracts are components of the pore-tightening and mattifying agents. facial skin
  • For a gentle exfoliation, products containing fruit acid or finely crushed apricot pits are great.
  • Acne and blackheads respond well to treatment with zinc-containing agents, the influence of salicylic acid and eucalyptus tree extract.
  • Fading leather well susceptible to the action of vitamin complexes A and C, retinol, coffee and tea polyphenols, peptides.

The choice of skin care products according to age

For the convenience of using cosmetics, skin care all global brands produce products with a certain age gradation. The choice of means of daily use is based on regular changes in the body associated with growing up, maturity and aging.

15-25 + – a young, carefree time, however, it is important to listen to the advice of your elders and not overload skin ultraviolet light and excess nutrition. And for protection against early aging, cleansers, moisturizers and products with SPF filters are well suited.

25-35 + – the time of the appearance of the first mimic wrinkles and small bruises under the eyes. To combat them, maintain color and texture skin vitamin-containing products with antioxidants are useful.

35-45 + – mimic wrinkles that appeared earlier become deeper and more visible, bruises become bruises, and dark circles appear around the eyes. In addition to the daily care, skin care consists in the application of cosmetics with lifting and drainage effects.

45-55 + – in addition to all the listed signs of aging skin you still have to deal with pigmentation and dryness. It is important to ensure skin comprehensive care, containing both cleaning, and moisturizing, and nutrition, and the maximum use of lifting and drainage.

Algorithm for facial skin care

Everyday care and a clear procedure for skin care you can achieve the maximum possible anti-aging effect at any age.

On women’s forums on the Internet, various approaches to caring for facial skin and often you can find something useful for yourself. However, only the professional opinion of a cosmetologist who investigated the properties of your skin

All methods are reduced to a specific algorithm, within which you can vary and combine different products depending on your characteristics. Algorithm of the care process skin consists in the following actions.


Cleansing is important skin at least twice a day. For each type of person, its own means is chosen. Focus on your own feelings and advice from a beautician. In the morning, you can wash with plain water, but it is better to give preference to neutral formulations that do not contain active substances. And in the evening, before washing, you should definitely remove makeup from your face and cleanse skin from the dust and dirt accumulated during the day.

Toning and exfoliating

With a toner gently applied to a clean and dry face with a cotton pad, the skin recovers its ph-balance. Light exposure to its chemical composition cleanses skin, exfoliates dead layers, strengthens and prepares for subsequent application of cream and makeup.

Moisturizing and nourishing

Moisturizing and nourishing skin faces are perhaps the key point of the everyday algorithm. The choice of a care product takes place according to the same parameters: type skin, age, composition. This is where the professional advice of a beautician can be especially valuable.

Depending on the type of humidification skin, creams differ in the way they either “retain” water molecules in the dermis with the help of hyaluronic acid and glycerin, or “lock” water by creating an oily surface layer – a protective film.

Quite often, in cases of age-related changes skin, the use of serum before applying the cream shows itself well. The serum helps to smooth out fine wrinkles and provides additional nourishment with active ingredients.

Stages of facial skin care at home

After right a certain set of care products skin the person can proceed directly to the care. It is important not to forget that only methodical and everyday actions according to the algorithm will lead to the desired effect. The face will be transformed and will look radiant and well-groomed.

First step… For cleansing skin special means are used: mousse or foam, if leather dry or normal, and gel if oily or combination. After application, all these funds must be washed off with water until they disappear completely. If you forget to do this, then gradually accumulating, they harm natural defenses. skindestroying the lipid layer.

Make-up from the face is removed gradually, starting from the eye area, and then with gentle movements from the forehead, cheeks, chin. The subsequent cleansing process after removing the makeup skin, you need to pay special attention in the evening. For a day on skin a lot of invisible dust and dirt accumulates and settles.

Second phase… Toning and exfoliation is performed with a tonic or lotion of your choice. skin… The purpose of these processes is to bring the pH to a neutral state, remove the layer of dead cells in the dermis and trigger additional protective mechanisms. Do not use alcohol-based tonics and lotions. Their use will have undesirable consequences in the form of excessive drying and hypersecretion of the skin glands.

Stage Three – basic care, includes the use of serum, nourishing cream, fluid and emulsion. They are selected by composition, age gradation and type skin… In the morning and in the evening take care of the face day and night creams, respectively, help. The use of a night cream in the evening helps to relax and restore the skin, and a day cream protects against excess radiation, dirt and dust.

Separately stage of care processing is delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, requiring special delicacy. With light patting movements, a special cream or serum is applied to this area.

In addition to the daily complex facial skin care at home you can also do additional procedures: masks, facial massage, cleansing with a scrub, light peeling. However, for more complex procedures requiring the use of special devices and substances, it is worth visiting a cosmetologist.