Mask with snail mucin and patches with mango extract: the beauty routine of the actress Vitalina Protasova

Singer and actress Vitalina Protasova (@vitalina_protasova_) shared beauty secrets with BeautyHack and talked about her beauty routine.

Masks and patches

I use face masks of the FarmStay line with snail extract… They perfectly moisturize and give the face freshness. In my beaten diet, masks are present almost every day. As well as patches. I am their most dedicated fan. The most beloved – Tropical Eye Patch, KOCOSTAR… It contains extracts of mango fruits, glycerin, caffeine, allantoin and aloe extract. They can be used not only in the periorbital region, but also in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds.

Favorite remedies

I rarely visit a beautician. I think that while the skin is young, there is enough quality care. True, I tried the HydraFacial procedure once and was satisfied.

Until it becomes a habit, I start my day by washing my face with ice water and light self-massage of the face – it tones up, relieves swelling, and improves blood circulation.

I also take a contrast shower in the morning to keep my body in good shape. After that I apply a light body cream. I have two favorites: Bath and body works In The Stars Ultra Shea Body Cream (Limited Edition) and body lotion White Citrus Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion, Bath & body works

To remove makeup, I use the usual Micellar water from Garnier… I hate oil-based cleansers – it’s perfect.

After that I apply face mask Milk Essence from the brand Soda… I drink green tea at night and get ready for bed.


My hair is constantly exposed to the aggressive effects of dye and heat. She entrusted the preservation of their beauty and health to the brand Proedit… They have an amazing range of products for color-treated and damaged hair.


In everyday life, I practically do not wear makeup for no reason. And before, I was even embarrassed to take out the garbage without makeup. Youth complex. With age, everyone began to treat themselves differently and love themselves.

But before going on stage and at social events, you cannot do without decorative cosmetics. I love budget cosmetics. There is always a tonal one in my cosmetic bag Eva Mosaic BB Cream I use shade 3 (honey), lip liner and black eyeliner from Letual

And, frankly, I always look forward to the moment when I come home and wash everything off myself. This is my favorite beat ritual. I immediately feel free!


Now I will surprise you: I sincerely love all the perfume from Oriflame and Avon… These fragrances are not inferior to expensive brands – they leave a pleasant trail after and last for a long time.

I really like it now Little black dress… I also love men’s perfumery. I have several fragrances, but I will not tell you about them – let it be my little secret.

From niche perfumery, my favorite fragrance is permanent Lost Cherry by Tom Ford