moisturizing concealers and bases to have in a cosmetic bag for those with dry skin around the eyes

Finding a normal concealer is one of the eternal problems for those who have thin skin around the eyes, and bruises, wreaths and a fine mesh of wrinkles make themselves felt at any convenient and not very occasion. author Maria Livadchenko knows this firsthand. And he advises not to immediately throw away the funds that did not fit. It is likely that with a change of season, diet, stress or vice versa during a vacation, this particular outsider will become your favorite: the condition of the skin depends on many factors. She herself has tried many products from different brands and is ready to share her experience.

First of all, a moisturizer

I have thin and dry skin with permanent pigmentation in all shades of blue and red. Even on vacation. Concealer is my only indispensable item in my makeup bag after a good SPF moisturizer. Anyone with the same problem is advised not to neglect a good moisturizer before you apply concealer. Ideally, the concealer should be friends with him, because the cream is more important. Ideal for everyone, I think UltraCeutucals Hydrating Eye Cream… By the way, the periodic application of a fat layer of “Bepanten” or aloe gel under the eyes as a mask does the trick and softens the skin.

Applying a moisturizing base before applying concealer is not an empty phrase, but a working beauty hack for the well-groomed area around the eyes. If you really have such complex skin, try applying a moisturizing base under your eyes, you might really like it. My favorite is a non-sticky and non-greasy balm Anti fatigue under eye primer

Of course, I failed to test all the concealers in the world, but after an active trial test, the winner of this battle was Soft Matte Complete Concealer by Nars… This is the perfect middle ground for coatings and textures with a chic color palette and scanty consumption. I advise you to buy two shades according to your skin tone (for example, one neutral light and one neutral medium), and forget about the agony of choice and the change of seasons. The concealer claims a matte finish, but in reality you just get well-groomed skin without unnecessary color “dips” and oily sheen.

The second favorite was Flawless Fusion by Laura Mercier, which has been gaining popularity for several years now, and the hype around it a couple of years ago presented us with the eponymous foundation. This is an amazing tool in its texture, functionality and work, to which there are no complaints at all. It has a serious covering ability like Tarte Shape Tape, combined with a sleek and natural effect.

If you need an even thinner, moisturizing, illuminating, but working texture, I recommend taking a closer look at Cle de peau beaute… The option in the stick did not suit me at all, it dries, but Radiant Corrector for Eyes with a brush fits perfectly. It will not hide everything, everything, but will make the tone even and almost perfect. The caring texture contains subtle reflective particles, which means you are guaranteed freshness.

Compared to it, the original Touche Eclat by YSL many times more transparent, but on my skin it works more like a symbiosis of highlighter, base and concealer. In my opinion, L’Oreal has a chic analogue Magic lumi highlighter, which is not inferior at all, and maybe even surpasses it, while it costs much less. If you need to freshen up, I recommend 100%.

Another popular liquid option is Ultra HD Concealer by Make Up Forever… The previous version in a tube suited me better, the new one sometimes dries and emphasizes wrinkles, but … Ideal, it just looks amazing during photography and Zoom-call. True HD effect. If you are familiar with the old version, you will definitely like the concealer close in texture. Helena Rubinshtein Magic Concealerthat does not dry out or irritate. It was he who was my favorite for a very long time and surpassed all the options of Estee Lauder in comparison.

Another cool option for natural makeup is Tom ford concealing pen… It is not dense, it will not cover much, but it is thin and highly pigmented: I don’t know how they managed to combine it. Of the similar in shape – popular Maybelline new york the eraser eye… It also looks a little like Erborian CC Eye Cream, but personally, the shades of the funds do not always suit me with the latest brand.

If you like stick / pencil feed, I recommend taking a closer look at Billion Dollar Beauty duo Flash & Filter: Highlighter & Concealer… Surprisingly, the delicate creamy texture, shades and durability of the highlighter are amazing.

What didn’t suit me

  • ELF recently launched a new moisturizing version of the popular concealer Camo concealer… Alas, I did not notice any moisture on my skin.
  • Almost all options did not suit me from premiums Bobbi brown: Heavy on the skin, irritating or drying out.
  • Concealers Charlotte tillbury feel too heavy and dry for thin skin.

What I appreciated

  • New concealer Dior Forever Skin Correct evokes exceptionally positive feedback from everyone, unlike the old options, of which none came up to me.
  • English brand Iconic london presented his new concealers: they are very liquid and as if oily, great for dry and combination skin, do not flow or roll, look like Laura mercier
  • # 7 offers a good line of foundations and concealers with excellent textures and coverage.
  • Kevin Aucoin The Etherealist Supernatural Concealer
  • RMSbut it does contain coconut oil and does not cover the flaws well enough.
  • Glossier Stretch Concealer – delicate, light and thin.