nourishing mask for dry hair Bioclin Bio-Nutri

Tired of looking for a good, natural hair mask that will save dry ends? Editor Natalia Kapitsa is in a hurry to share her findings.

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To whom?

Bioclin Bio-Nutri mask is a product that can be bought at a pharmacy. It is sold in a small volume (100 ml) tube, dermatologically tested, does not contain sulfates, paraffins, silicones and harmful impurities that can cause allergies, redness or flaking of the skin.

The mask is recommended for owners of dry, split ends and bleached hair that need hydration and nutrition.

What for?

The mask has a really great composition, among which there are proven and 100% working ingredients.

Panthenol perfectly moisturizes and reconstructs hair, providing a gentle effect on the scalp. Gives shine and silkiness, stopping the process of delamination of the ends.

Biotechnological hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture inside the hair, making it denser and “whole”. Its effectiveness is due to its low molecular weight (about 8000 daltons) – due to this, it does not change the viscosity of the system.

The hydrolyzed protein will fill the empty spaces between the scales, crowning the reflective surface and protecting the root.


The manufacturer advises to apply the mask for 10-15 minutes. But I have one beauty hack. To achieve the lamination effect, I mix it with diluted and warmed gelatin (pure collagen), apply it to the hair, wrap it with cling film and leave it for 40 minutes. Then I wash off with warm water and rinse with lemon water. The effect is as after a salon procedure.