Professional care and treatments for an instant radiance of the skin: the beauty routine of singer Julia Rainer

Singer Yulia Rainer (@ julia.rainer_), who released the video “Oceans” in April, spoke about her favorite beauty products and salon procedures that help her look great!

I pay attention to personal care, I try to select high-quality cosmetics and I like to try new products.

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Several years ago I discovered the cosmetics brand Linda Kristel. My three must-have products are: Tonique equilibriant “balancing” face toner (1995 rub.)Collagen Natif Intensive Facial Serum (5250 rub.) and cream for sensitive skin Creme Ambiant (RUB 6090)

Another favorite of mine, the “base” in the care – Dr. Barbara Sturm “Face cream rich” (RUB 21 260)… It intensely moisturizes and nourishes, with a dense texture – I like these, because in Moscow my skin often dries. This cosmetics is quite expensive, but for me it justifies its price. The founder of the brand, Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine Barbara Sturm, is a well-known beauty expert; many celebrities love her cosmetics: Cher, Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and others.

Recently I tried the products of the fashionable cosmetic brand Biologique. These are not ordinary cosmetics, but “personalized”, that is, they are selected by specialists after diagnosing the condition of the skin. I have a whole line that I currently use, and it seems to me that this system really works. Among the favorites, the all-in-one is Masque Crème Biofixine. (15 350 rub.), which combines the properties of a skin care mask and an anti-aging skin cream. An excellent option when there is little time, but you want to get the effect of salon care without leaving your home. I also like the intense Crème VIP O2 (9600 rub.)

In the warmer months, I use an anti-pigmentation cream. Biologique has Crème PIGM 400 lightening and correcting age spots. In addition to creams, I like Biologique serums: Recherche Serum Silk Plus (7800 rub.) and Collagen Natif (2700 rub.)… They moisturize and smooth the skin well. Ideal “helpers” when you need to quickly put yourself in order.

One of my favorite products, which is always at home, is the MARGY’S Extra Rich Firming mask. (15 750 rub.)… This rich, firming mask leaves skin glowing in minutes. It can be applied in a thick layer on the face, neck and décolleté, and after 3-5 minutes and washed off with water, or used as a salon care at home, leaving for 20 minutes. Sometimes I leave the mask for the night.

In my personal rating, the famous “Cinderella mask” Prime Renewing Pack occupies an important place (20700 rub.) from the Swiss brand Valmont, which has established itself as an expert in the development of anti-aging cellular skin care products. The history of the brand began with this bestseller many years ago. The mask gives an “instant effect”, transforms the skin, leaving it fresh, radiant and rested. I actively used it on the set of my last video “Oceans”.

For express care before events, I often use 111skin products. Collagen masks perfectly moisturize and tighten the skin, and patches help get rid of traces of fatigue and dark circles under the eyes. When I have time, I go to salons. I love “instant action” facial treatments, for example: PRX-peeling and Hydrafacial. The skin is immediately smooth, hydrated and radiant from the inside out.


Not only proper nutrition and sports help me to keep my body in good shape, but also hardware procedures. As a rule, these are various modeling massage techniques. Of the devices, my favorite is Mantis and Endosphere. They tighten the skin well and visibly improve the contours of the body. To get a visible effect, you need to do them in a course of 6-10 procedures. I will definitely repeat them by the summer to be ready for the beach season.

When I want to relax and unwind, I go to the spa. I love various massages, wraps, Charcot douches, mineral baths. All this not only helps to maintain beauty, but also resembles a mini-vacation for body and soul.