reasons why the remedy may not work for you

You may be drawing false conclusions about your mascara by writing it off. Often the product may not be suitable due to the wrong application technique or the brush that is not suitable for you personally. Experts explain why you shouldn’t use expired mascara, who needs a too large brush, and why you need to separate your eyelashes.

Your mascara is good, it just has expired

There is such an unspoken statistics: about 40% of women use mascara occasionally or buy several at once, and therefore tubes with an expired shelf life can be in a cosmetic bag for years.

To avoid allergic reactions to substances that have expired, Artem Prokofiev, a cosmetologist at Milfey beauty salons, recommends changing the mascara every 4-6 months. And also store it in the right place: not on the dressing table, where the sun’s rays fall, not on the windowsill, where it is too hot due to the radiator, but in a dry, cool and dark place. Artem clarifies that waterproof and green mascara are considered the most highly allergenic – it is better to use them as a last resort.

Your eyelashes don’t match the shape of the brush

There are about a hundred forms of mascara brushes. They differ in the length of the villi, the material of manufacture, and weaving. A plastic brush with a thin bristle allows you to achieve volume, but it does not know how to separate the hairs. To do this, use silicone brushes. Spiral-shaped villi are ideal for those with unruly eyelashes. The short pile on the brush goes well with short eyelashes: it perfectly paints the bottom row and hairs in the corners of the eyes.

Thick pile – for thick eyelashes! Separates hairs to create length. Solid bristles are good for those with soft eyelashes. And the curved brush lifts the hairs and twirls easily, making the so-called “doll” look.

You are using too large a brush

Makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov says that many girls choose mascaras with very large brushes, calculating with their help to achieve maximum volume. “As a makeup artist, I can say that these brushes are only suitable for those with long eyelashes – in all other cases it will be difficult to get close to the eyelashes in the corners of the eyes, and in general you will not be able to paint as well as with a small brush.”

You don’t pick up mascara correctly from the tube, and lumps remain on the eyelashes.

To get the required amount of mascara on the brush, you need to make circular movements – start from the bottom of the tube and lift the applicator up in a spiral. This will help avoid clumps, but you will draw the mascara evenly from all sides.

Most tubes have a stopper to keep you from drawing too much. But sometimes too liquid formulas leave clumps on the brush, which leads to sticking of eyelashes and, again, the appearance of “spider legs” on them. The more mascara, the greater the risk of shedding, so it is better to get rid of the excess in advance. Gently wipe the mascara brush with a dry paper towel and apply the first layer – lashes will look natural.

You use a curler after (!) Applying mascara

This is a gross mistake: not only will you negate all the efforts to apply mascara, but you can also damage your lashes. Curler can stick to them from the mascara and rip or break.

First, curl the lashes on one eye and quickly apply mascara on them, and only then proceed to the second eye. So the hairs will not have time to straighten, and the mascara will fix them in the right position for a long time. Also, at the same time, the curvature of the eyelashes will be smoother – and if you wind it on mascara, you will get a sharp hall.

They talked about how to use the curler correctly here

Don’t apply mascara to the roots of your lashes

It is very important to apply mascara to the roots: if you paint over the eyelashes completely along the entire length, the look will be more wide open, and the makeup will be expressive. To do this, lightly press the brush against the base of the lashes during application.

It is not a mistake to apply mascara only to the tips of the eyelashes, but the appearance from this will lose.

Do not separate eyelashes

Despite its relevance, “spider legs” in everyday makeup look untidy. If your eyelashes stick together, it is better to use a special brush with metal teeth, which will remove the excess and comb the hairs well. In addition, this effect makes you visually older.

Apply mascara incorrectly

There are different ways to apply mascara, and a lot of success depends on your habit of using the mascara. But many makeup artists and stars agree on one thing: it is better to apply mascara by blinking and thus painting over all the hairs. So, for example, Emilia Clarke does: she begins to paint over the eyelashes at the roots, and then blinks, as if automatically running a brush along the entire length – exactly as my mother showed many years ago. So the ink lays down as gently as possible, in a thin layer, and the tips are slightly curled up – it turns out very gently and naturally.