SOS scheme that helps me get rid of breakouts in one day

Editor Natalia Kapitsa on what means help her quickly get rid of rashes on her face.

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I have problem skin prone to breakouts. Ate a piece of cake – get a “landing” from the inflammatory elements on the face. I drank cola – sign for the delivery of oily sheen.

I managed to restore my face to a normal state only after 30 years, having completely changed the approach to nutrition and care. But even now, when the skin is under the round-the-clock supervision of a cosmetologist, catastrophes periodically happen to it. Most often – before some important event. But I learned to cope with that too. I’ll tell you how and what.


The first step is cleansing your face with an ultrasound machine using chlorhexidine. This device simply must be in the arsenal of owners of oily skin. Thanks to ultrasonic vibration, it converts the applied solution into bubbles, which remove impurities from the pores and excess sebum. Negatively charged ions constrict pores, while microblocks stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. I have an InFace Ultrasonic Ion Skin Cleaner MS7100 – a budget and very reliable model.

Immediately after cleaning, I take a cotton swab and pinpoint the rash with 2% salicylic acid.

Then the turn of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Ultra serum. Its formula is composed of three acids that reinforce each other’s action. An additional ingredient is niacinamide, which stimulates blood circulation. I recommend adding this serum to your beauty diet regularly. It reduces pores, eliminates post-acne marks, inhibits the growth of pathogens. It also has a lifting effect and gives the face a beautiful glow, just like after using a highlighter.

The final stage is zinc ointment. It also needs to be applied pointwise so as not to dry out the skin. It quickly relieves inflammation, reducing breakouts in just a few hours. The ointment can be replaced with Sudokrem – it also has a high concentration of zinc.