Sunscreen face sprays that can be used over makeup

Spend the summer in the city or outdoors – it doesn’t matter. The main thing is not to forget your sunscreen. And apply it not only before going out, but also on the street. Moreover, every 3-4 hours, and in the heat – every 1.5 – 2 hours. The most convenient thing is to buy mini-creams that fit in a cosmetic bag (we talked about them here) or use sprays and veils for the face and décolleté, which are easily distributed on the skin and at the same time take care of it. chose the best ones (and some, by the way, can be used over makeup, which is very convenient).

Restoring Perfection SPF 50, Valmont

Cream-screen for face Restoring Perfection SPF 50, Valmont has a light and refreshing texture. Conveniently, the product can be applied over the caring products (it will only enhance their effect), and as a base for makeup, and over cosmetics.

Price: 22 395 RUB.

Ambre Solaire SPF 30, Garnier

In the Ambre Solaire, Garnier line, we recommend a refreshing veil spray SPF 30 for face and body, which also perfectly moisturizes the skin (Aloe Vera in the composition is responsible for this). The product can be applied over makeup, the protective properties will still be preserved!

Price: 915 rub.

Waterlover SPF 30, Biotherm

Sun Mist for face and body with SPF 30 in the Waterlover collection, Biotherm cares not only for the skin, but also for nature: its formula consists of 96% biodegradable components. By the way, the product can be used before swimming in the sea and ocean, the composition will not harm the inhabitants of the water. Read How Sun Protection Products Affect Coral Reefs here

Price: 3100 rub.

Sun Sport SPF 30, Lancaster

Spray Sun Sport SPF 30, Lancaster, as the name implies, is ideal for sports or outdoor activities. It is water- and sweat-resistant and can also be applied to damp skin. The composition in which orange extract, buriti oil, glycerin are added is also impressive.

Price: 3250 rub.

Skintreats SPF 30, Pixi

Mist Skintreats SPF 30, Pixi also pleases with the main components in the composition – sunflower and cucumber extracts, which have moisturizing and cooling properties. However, its protective filters do not get lower when applied over makeup.

Price: 1700 rub.

Anthelios SPF 30, La Roche-Posay

La Roche-Posay offers an invisible face and body spray with SPF 30. It features a soft and light texture suitable for all skin types – dry, oily, mixed or very sensitive.

Price: 1760 rub.

Eue Thermale SPF 30, Avene

Spray with SPF 30, Avène dermatologists advise for very light skin with hypersensitivity to the sun. Thanks to the most natural composition and thermal water of the brand, the product

has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

Price: 1200 rub.

Milky Sun Spray SPF 50, Caudalie

Milk spray for face and body with SPF 50, Caudalie consists of a vegan formula to which the main component of the brand is added – organic grape water. The product is suitable even for very sensitive skin, in addition to protecting it, it also moisturizes and soothes. And as a bonus – a summer scent with notes of red jasmine flowers.

Price: 2050 rub.

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