what is dermaplaning and how did it happen that “shaving your face” became a popular cosmetic procedure

The favorite procedure of one of the Victoria’s Secret angels Josephine Skriver, Western bloggers and makeup artists, which looks like shaving a face, surprises, shocks and arouses the interest of fans of the beauty industry. We decided to find out from the specialists of the New Way Aesthetic Medicine Clinic what dermaplaning is, for whom it is suitable, and what effect to expect from the procedure.

Dermaplaning is an innovative approach to the removal of dead skin cells, which stimulates skin renewal and replenishment of nutrients. The painless procedure is aimed at deep cleansing of the face – its uniqueness consists in a double effect: exfoliation (exfoliation) of the skin and removal of vellus hair.

The pioneers of the procedure were Korean girls back in 2010: the kao sori ritual – depilation of the face using an instrument similar to a surgical scalpel.

If we consider the focus of dermaplaning on the skin, then its effect can be compared with peeling. A significant advantage of dermaplaning is that there is no rehabilitation after the procedure, and immediately after the cosmetologist the client will see the WOW effect. As a hair removal method, dermaplaning can be compared to a laser or wax. Unlike other methods, the procedure is completely painless and suitable for all skin types, even with sunburn. The laser is not capable of eliminating vellus, light, or gray hair because its principle of “selective photothermolysis” involves the absorption of light by the dark pigment in the hair. And dermaplaning is recommended for all shades of vellus hair.

Another important advantage of dermaplaning is that, unlike acid peels and laser hair removal, it is not contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

How is the procedure

Dermaplaning is performed by a certified specialist with knowledge and skill in working with a surgical blade. Before the procedure, the client’s skin is treated with antiseptic agents. All dermaplaning blades are sterile and disposable. Therefore, the risk of infection in the clinic is reduced to zero. In order to avoid any negative skin reactions, the client fills out a questionnaire with contraindications before each procedure, which also indicates allergies and diseases. For customers who are allergic to nickel, special carbon steel blades have been developed.

The procedure does not have a rehabilitation period, and the effect of smooth and radiant skin is immediately visible. To ensure safety during dermaplaning, New Way LLC voluntarily insured the health of its clients for 150 thousand dollars.

Who is dermaplaning for?

The procedure is suitable for all skin types, ages and has few contraindications. Cosmetologists prescribe dermaplaning to clients with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scars or fine lines and wrinkles.

Effect of the procedure

Clean, radiant and silky facial skin after removing dead epidermal cells;

Smooth and smooth facial texture as a result of vellus hair removal;

Dermaplaning enhances the effectiveness of the effects of other cosmetic procedures (for example, LED therapy, non-injection mesotherapy);

Smoother skin after the procedure also promotes better makeup application;

Dermaplaning sends signals to the skin cells to regenerate, so the procedure helps to kick-start the natural renewal process.

How often to repeat the procedure

Young, healthy skin is renewed approximately every 28 days. After 35 years and every decade it takes longer for the cells to renew themselves. To mimic the natural cellular turnover of the skin, dermaplaning is recommended to be done every four weeks, as the skin needs time to regenerate. The complex consists of 3-6 procedures.

Preparing for the procedure

Dermaplaning does not require any special preparation, but you should refrain from waxing the face area at least a week before the visit and not do a facial scrub for at least 3 days. Necessary

stop using topical retinoids / retinols and bleaching agents 72 hours before the procedure.

What procedures is dermaplaning combined with?

The procedure can be done before a chemical peel to increase the effectiveness and obtain deeper and more uniform changes on the skin;

Before the hardware technique Hydrofacial as one of the ways to deeply cleanse the skin before the procedure;

Before non-injection biorevitalization for better penetration of all active substances and serums;

Removing the epidermal tissue allows the products to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and can increase the effectiveness of masks and active ingredients.

Contraindications include:

Reception of Roaccutane or its analogues. Dermaplaning is contraindicated for 12 months after discontinuation of the drug;

Papulopustular rosacea;


Rash on the face;

Active herpes;

Open lesions on the face;


The cost of the procedure

Carrying out dermaplaning with a certified specialist in a beauty salon or clinic will cost about 5,000 rubles. The price is comparable to peeling and is quite comfortable for the client.