What kind of care will keep the skin elastic during pregnancy and what is leg makeup: the beauty routine of blogger Katyusha Lobanova

Blogger and young mother Katyusha Lobanova (@katushalobanova) told BeautyHack.ru readers about her pregnancy care and her favorite cosmetics.

I am very grateful to genetics for good skin, but any body needs care. It is very important for me to combine external care and the internal state of the body, so any beauty begins with nutrition: I drink a lot of water, do not drink alcohol or smoke, I love healthy food, and all this, of course, is reflected in my appearance. I need to know what the dish is made of, so I don’t even physically want to touch fast food and all kinds of chemicals. What could be tastier than fresh vegetables and fish?

Face and body care

Massage is now possible only by hand, but it is very important to stretch the muscles and tone the skin. Of course, you won’t go too far with your stomach, as usually the massage is done while sitting or lying on your side. It’s a pity, until they came up with massage tables with a notch in the middle, I would gladly come at least to sleep. I also really like facial massage. With regular visits, it completely replaces many cosmetic procedures.

When you follow your diet, exercise and live in harmony, external care becomes much easier, because you only need to emphasize healthy natural beauty. The basis of the basics is cleansing. Many people skip this step, and it is a fundamental part of any care, and this applies to both face and body. Now I use Topicrem special dermatitis cleanser (1166 rub.), sold at the pharmacy. The body can react in different ways to hormonal changes, so it is important to keep track of these nuances.

Shower gels, as well as home fragrances, now I prefer only Zelenski & Rozen, and in my purse since the time of quarantine you can always find a sanitizer from their company with a very pleasant smell “Black Pepper” (670 rub.)… All of these products are constantly in contact with your skin and you shouldn’t pick them up in a hurry. Self-love is expressed in quality products, in addition, cheap products may contain carcinogens.

Even during pregnancy, the area of ​​the tummy and hips requires special attention, because they accumulate additional mass to feed the baby, and then they are sharply discarded, and the skin cannot tone up on its own. So that after childbirth there are no stretch marks, I use Topicrem creams (1536 rub.), also like Biologique Recherche (13,700 rubles).

As a true fan of natural products, I can’t help but mention coconut oil, and I add it when cooking and use it as oil for my body and hair.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time knows that I have been using La Mer face cream for many years. (7300 rub.), and continue to use during pregnancy. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well, while having a light texture. And only after the cream can I apply makeup.


Dior Concealer Permanent in My Makeup Bag (2840 rub.), Vivienne Sabo’s favorite eyebrow pencil (RUB 399) (fixing it with clear eyebrow gel), pink blush from Dior (RUB 3040) and Nars in Orgasm (1787 rub.), they are as chic as the name of the shade.

I almost never use a face tone, as there is no need, I prefer Armani Luminos on the way out. (5090 rub.) if you need denser, then Dior Backstage (3280 rub.)… At home I dust myself with loose powder Laura Mercier (RUB 3700)

On the cheekbones and forehead line near the hair I apply a sculptor from Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow (RUB 5035)… And the highlighter gives a very natural glow.

Favorite sponges from Yana Panfilovskaya are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also insanely comfortable and of great quality. If the sponge is of high quality, then the makeup will apply correctly.

For makeup I prefer natural nude shades, they always very delicately emphasize the eyes and give the effect of a soft, open look. Love palettes from Too Faced Born This Way (4350 rub.) and Huda Beauty Nude (6930 rub.)… Shades are versatile and you can choose a combination to any look. Depending on my mood, I can draw a small arrow with liquid eyeliner and make the look more expressive.

Then I tint my eyebrows and apply mascara. Since I change them quite often, I use Maybelline. (520 rub.) – affordable, high quality and always at hand.

Always carry Dior gloss, lip pencils and La Mer 12 Pearl powder in your purse (6920 rub.)… For lips I prefer pink shades: my favorite pencils Pupa 02/04 (RUB 552), colourpop on snap and shine Dior Lipmaximizer (2890 rub.)

By the way, makeup can be not only for the face. Recently I discovered “liquid tights”, I am 100% satisfied. Helps to hide small imperfections, freezes on legs and does not smear. The exit is excellent, plus the legs look very beautiful in the photo.


The finishing touch to any look is aroma. My Eternal Favorite – Good girls gone Bad by Kilian (RUB 25,000), a surprisingly sensual fragrance with floral and citrus notes. He immediately conquered me, but now summer and, of course, pregnancy greatly affects perception, so I want something more weightless. Chose Estée Lauder Aerin (10880 rub.)

I never tire of repeating that beauty starts from the inside