“When I put patches under my eyes, the kids laugh at me”: Ricky Martin

In the section “Beauty Secrets”, where the stars share their beauty routine with Vogue, men rarely get there. But we understand why the editors invited Ricky Martin as a guest. Firstly, he is as good as he was 22 years ago when he released the video for Livin’La Vida Loca and became a world star. Secondly, his advice will be useful not only for guys, but also for girls (we, for example, wrote down a couple of life hacks for ourselves). And thirdly, it turned out that the Puerto Rican pop musician not only has a wonderful voice, but also a great sense of humor. You can easily cheer yourself up by watching the video!

Wellness routine: pepper and honey shot, meditation and water

Ricky Martin starts the morning with an immune stimulant.

“Remember – I have four children and a very fast-paced life. This drink contains lemon, honey, red onion, garlic and a little salt. One shot – and I’m ready to storm this day! ”- the singer explained.

In addition, he uses alkaline water. It is saturated with electrolytes, slows down the aging process of the body, improves metabolism, removes excess sugar and toxins, and improves immunity.

“Often, due to life events, emotions overwhelmed me. I started traveling on my own, went to India. I tried meditation, even delved into this topic. To be honest, she became my salvation. Now that I have children, I cannot travel to India so often. Here’s what I do: I get up early, early, at 5: 30-6: 00, before the children wake up. And I enjoy the silence. She helps me to ground. I found a meditation with voice instructions called HeadSpace. She helps me a lot. I would like to sit in the lotus position for three hours a day, but I cannot. But to allocate 15-20 minutes, maybe even half an hour – it helps, ”Ricky admitted.

He also talked about how he came to vegetarianism: he had high cholesterol, and the doctor prescribed him a medicine that can negatively affect some organs. The singer abandoned this idea and completely changed the diet. After three months, the test results were excellent.

Beauty favorites: mist, rose water and collagen ampoules

Among his favorites, Martin especially distinguishes rose water, which he sprays onto the skin of the face and neck, and Kumiko dry soap with matcha extract.

“I started working at the age of 12. And often stood in front of cameras with makeup. Imagine puberty begins. Life is already difficult, and then the skin goes crazy. Adding makeup to this equation is a total horror. So I had to start looking after myself. Without fanaticism. But I started to like doing it, ”the singer admitted.

The next step is ice. Ricky calls him his best friend. He rubs it on the skin to stimulate blood circulation. This is followed by a face toner and a body lotion.

“It is important that the care is balanced. And then imagine – a beautiful smooth face, and wrinkled arms and chest. This is not what we want. “

Martin also uses collagen ampoules. And he got the whole family hooked on them: his mother even stopped doing makeup, and his brother, who is not used to caring for himself, praises the moisturizing effect after using the product.

“Taking care of yourself is sexy,” says Ricky

Another life hack from the star is to use patches with Repechage algae and green tea extracts. They relieve fatigue, smooth expression lines, remove puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. After long flights and non-stop concerts, they help smooth skin and look fresher.

“I just put these things under my eyes. The kids laugh at me, but I don’t care. They will laugh anyway. “

Completing the treatment are Kiehl’s Serum, Kumiko Matcha Moisturizer, M-61 Mist and Kiehl’s SPF-30 Sunscreen.

For her hair, Ricky uses a spray with sea salt, and prefers Loewe 7 eau de toilette for the scent.

“Men, women – everything is crazy about him. I go into the room and everyone is like: “What is this aroma?”, – Martin shared.

He also noted that there was a time when he toured the world, but was not happy. Now constant habits help him to return to the past with gratitude, to control the present, to appreciate the moment.

“If you can take care of yourself first, then you can take care of others. Self-care is just gratitude to oneself, a manifestation of love, ”Martin recalled.