why tomato extracts in cosmetics are especially popular in summer

Recent studies have shown that tomatoes should definitely be added to the diet in summer: they protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Cosmetologists agree and advise also to use cosmetics with tomato extracts. True, they warn: you should not refuse funds with SPF in this case anyway!

BeautyHack.ru learned from cosmetologist Christina Busse (@estet_busse) how creams, serums and masks with tomato extracts and oils are useful: what tasks for the skin they solve, are they suitable for everyone.

Christina Busse

Christina Busse

cosmetologist, preventive nutritionist, regular contributor to the professional magazine for cosmetologists LNE, trainer at Martinex

– Usually, tomato extracts or tomato seed oils are added to cosmetics. And these ingredients are very beneficial: they contain an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on different skin types of all ages.

Tomatoes contain:

1) vitamins of group B, C, E, organic acids (lemon, apple, amber, wine), which prevent the formation of hyperkeratosis, lighten pigmentation, improve complexion, moisturize, soften, make the skin more elastic and elastic, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce irritation, increase skin immunity and heal it;

2) vitamins C, E and lycopene antioxidantthat fight free radicals and photoaging and, therefore, prevent premature aging of the skin, reduce the existing age-related changes in the skin;

3) lipokine antioxidant also helps to enhance the natural protection of the skin from sunburn (but important: cosmetics with tomatoes do not replace products with SPF!).

What ingredients in cosmetics are tomato extracts combined with?

There are no strict rules with what tomato extract is combined. Now in modern cosmetology absolutely everything is combined. Much depends on what kind of skin the care product will be created for, in what concentration the manufacturer wants to add it to the composition and for which area it is intended for care.

We can find tomato extract or tomato seed oil in absolutely different products with different ingredients: for the care of the skin of the face, body, the area around the eyes, lips, hair and scalp products, in cleansers, masks, tonics, and also how the main component in sunscreens.

Are there any contraindications

It is not the tomatoes themselves that fall into beauty products, but their extracts, and in small quantities and in combination with other ingredients. Therefore, if tomatoes are contraindicated for a person for health reasons, then he can use the care products.

But if you are allergic to this product, then first it is better to consult a doctor.

Top 5 remedies with tomato extracts or oils

1) OMG Purifying Sheet Mask! Red Bubble Mask, Double Dare

The mask contains ingredients with red pigment: extracts of tomatoes, rose hips, cherries, pomegranates, grapes, strawberries, damask rose. Upon contact with air, the mask begins to foam, it saturates the skin with oxygen, removing keratinized particles, excess sebum and other impurities.

Price: 270 rub.

2) Tomato Moisturizing Sheet Mask, Superfood Salad For Skin

In this mask, tomato extract is the main ingredient. And to enhance its function, the producers also added colostrum – an extract of milk that a cow gives immediately after the birth of a calf. As a result, the mask instantly transforms even very tired and dehydrated skin, giving it a blue, healthy look and freshness.

Price: 180 rub.

3) Face Cream Exquisage, Darphine

Cream Exquisage, Darphine instantly nourishes, moisturizes, evens out tone, gives radiance, creates a “second skin” effect. Among the main ingredients are extracts of tomato, cucumber and sunflower.

Price: 6540 rub.

4) Detoxifying mask Detoxifying Charcoal, Yes To Tomatoes

In this mask-stick against pigmentation, inflammation and irritation, tomato extracts are supplemented with activated carbon and salicylic acid. Also, it does not contain parabens and silicones, so lovers of natural cosmetics will appreciate it.

Price: 1176 rub.

5) Anti-couperose cream for sensitive skin Couperose Solution, Declare

Couperose Solution, Declare cream prevents the development of inflammation and further progression of rosacea, it is also suitable for very sensitive skin. The composition is impressive: tomato extracts, hyaluronic acid of various molecular weights, vitamin E, proteins and amino acids of natural silk, shea butter, macadamia oil, panthenol.

Price: 6000 rub.