Personal experience of Margarita Lieva: how Le Sculpteur from Sisley tightens the skin and reduces volumes in 14 days

Mom of three children, model and founder of the BeautyHack project Margarita Lieva talked about how she keeps her body in shape and how the experiment went within joint project with Sisley


– I AM I watch not only the weight, but also the quality of my body. In addition to proper nutrition and daily workouts, I do caring beauty treatments in the salon and at home. It is important not only to set yourself certain results, but also to maintain them.

A favorite procedure is bandage wrap. I wrap my legs and stomach, wrap myself with plastic on top and lie under the blanket for about an hour. The effect is immediately visible: the skin becomes smooth, even and taut.

After a shower, I use body creams. I have a huge amount of them – I love nutrients with great effects. In the summer season, I do a course with anti-cellulite and corrective agents. Now I’m testing a new product from the Sisley brand – Le Sculpteur emulsion

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Why did I choose Le Sculpteur?

The formula of the new Sisley product has been developed for seven years, it is unique: it adjusts to biorhythms – during the day it helps to burn fat cells, and at night it fights against their accumulation.

Among the components – caffeine, which is often used in corrective agents; as well as extracts of mandarin, white ginger, andiroba oil (a tree growing in the tropics), pink pepper and pine nut – all these components are responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin. Shea butter is responsible for moisturizing and nourishing in the formula of the product.

From the first application, I liked the very light, floral scent.

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First impression of the emulsion

Despite the gel formula, Le Sculpteur is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the skin.

I apply the product in a thin layer on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, making a gentle massage on these areas for maximum effect. At the same time, I did not feel any unpleasant sensations – tingling and burning (as happens in other corrective agents).

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Result after a two-week course

14 days after using the emulsion twice a day (morning and evening), the skin became even better: smooth, even, firm. In the hips and waist, it took two centimeters. During this period, I did not do body treatments in the salon – the product replaced my professional care.

Using Le Sculpteur, I continued to eat right, went in for sports actively, walked at least 10 thousand steps a day. I am sure that an ideal figure is a lot of work, and only in a complex.

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