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Shapewear continues an age-old tradition in women’s fashion, and that is providing ladies with the right silhouette when it comes to wearing certain garments. There is a popular thought that shapewear is only meant for women who have fuller figures or extra curves, but that simply isn’t true. When many people think of what shapewear is exactly, they either imagine something akin to Spanx, or scenes from Gone with the Wind or Pirates of the Caribbean of young women being laced into excruciatingly tight corsets, but there is so much more to shapewear than that.

How to wear Shapewear
Shapewear can be as simple as wearing the right underwear with the right outfit. You wouldn’t walk around in a strapless top and a sports bra because the bulky straps would hang out of the top and completely ruin the look that you’re trying to achieve with your outfit. Likewise, you wouldn’t wear a full corset with a backless top. You know that you need the appropriate undergarment to achieve the shape and style that a particular piece of clothing calls for, and that is exactly the purpose of wearing shapewear.

Benefits of Body Shapers
It also helps to flatter the figure in some outfits that could be considered unforgiving for a number of reasons. Even perfectly thin, willowy women have experienced the embarrassment that comes with realizing you have bad pantylines with a stunning bodycon dress, and how this can completely ruin the overall look of the outfit. Sure, you could choose to go without undergarments, but that brings its own possibility of unforeseen issues. Shapewear can help to smooth those lines and make the dress hug as it is supposed. And certain kinds of shapewear can even keep the dress from riding up or bunching and becoming uncomfortable to wear.

Some people even use certain styles of shapewear as a way to combat issues of modesty and prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Shapewear can be a discreet way to make sure everything under your outfit is covered and that if something unfortunate does happen, your assets are covered and prevent you from being exposed to the whole world. Not only this, but since it can come in a variety of lengths, colors and styles, they are easily matched to make sure you get the right look with the right outfit.

Shapewear is one of the must-have accessories for your outfits and it is often overlooked simply because, well, you don’t usually look at it or for it. If you’ve been apprehensive to give shapewear a try, start simply and branch out, tailoring your look a little bit at a time.

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