Mary Butt Lifter

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Wish you had more natural curves? You won’t believe just how full your own rear can be with the right amount of lift and sculpt from this tummy-slimming, booty-lifting panty. You didn’t know you had it in you!

Define your derriere with The Butt Lifter panty by Beauty Supply XL. This flattering butt lifter panty effortlessly adds dimension to your behind in a sexy, natural looking way.

Comfortable and easy to wear!

The curve creating panty also features a high-waist design that flattens your tummy and whittles your waist for a sleek silhouette you'll love.

Just slip it on and look your best. Pair the body-enhancing panty with your most fitted skinnies, skirts, shorts and dresses. No one will know what you have on underneath.


  • Instantly boosts your rear for a natural look
  • Flattens tummy and slims waistline

  • Butt lifter panty with high waist design
  • Comfortable and easy to wear


Mary Butt Lifter | Beauty Supply XL

Mary Butt Lifter
Mary Butt Lifter
Mary Butt Lifter
Mary Butt Lifter
Mary Butt Lifter

Guaranteed Results

Visibly reduced waistline of
1-4 inches

Firmed & flattened midsection

Posture improvement

Why waist train?

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