Butt Booster Boyshort

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Butt Booster Boyshort
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This item firmly slims your figure with a comfortable hold.

Are you tired of rear rounders that show up under how-low-can-you-go fashions? Then you’re going to love the padded Butt Booster Boyshort by Beauty Supply XL: the fix for flat fannies that doubles as a cute, everyday boyshort.

From hip-huggers to daisy dukes, no one will know it isn’t all you. This seamless item’s sexy, low-rise waistline and boyshort design means that this padded panty can be paired with just about anything.

This microfiber panty features a comfort elastic waistband making it incredibly easy and comfortable to wear. The leg openings are also lined in elastic for a soft, custom fit. And, unlike traditional heavy silicone butt pads, the Butt Booster has removable lightweight foam pads.

Wear them when you want and put them away when you don’t. The pads and underwear are handwashable.

If you love the sparkle you get in your step that comes with a big confidence boost, you’re going to love the way you feel and look in the Butt Booster Boyshort by Beauty Supply XL.


  • Firmer and enhanced butt
  • Inches gained around the posterior
  • Natural look and feel padded underwear
  • Lightweight padding

  • Low-rise waistline
  • Boyshort design
  • Elastic waist and leg openings
  • Microfiber panty

Materials: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex

Guaranteed Results

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Visibly reduced waistline of
1-4 inches

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Firmed & flattened midsection

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Posture improvement

Why waist train?

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