Graduated haircuts for short hair: photo

The classical form of haircuts using the graduation technique is aimed, first of all, at creating a romantic individuality for the owner, for whom “romantic irony” is combined with the deepest interest in the outside world, harmony and spiritual integrity. The romantic image always unites in itself a certain polarity, ordinariness and uniqueness, and with its universal plasticity only strengthens the style aimed at freedom and individuality.

Graduated haircuts for short hair

Most of the short haircuts are performed either with graduation elements, for example, on the bangs, or completely graduated according to the principle of a cascading “ladder”, as an example, so beloved by all squares “on the leg”. Graduation creates a layered hair-to-hair shape and is easy to do on hair of any structure, with the only exception, you should not use the graduation technique on thin, thin hair, other types of haircuts are suitable for them. So, let’s start with the classic square.

Graduated square

The versatility of the graduated square wins women’s hearts with its multiplicity of variations, showiness and the possibility of individual selection for the type of hair or appearance, and remains a challenge to the professional master.

The fashion trends of today in relation to the graduated square, probably, for the first time do not welcome the beloved asymmetry, but require a clear symmetrical length, even cuts, smooth contours and a straight parting.

The haircut gracefully frames an elongated or oval face, forming a smooth transition from a lush crown to thin layered strands in the cheekbones, further emphasizing thin and regular facial features.

Graduated square on a leg

Another style of the graduated square is a square on a leg, a romantic art deco with a touch of bright, dynamic exoticism. The characteristic shape of a square on a leg is a voluminous hat with a minimum of hair on the back of the head, revealing an elegant long neck. In combination with straight or oblique bangs, a slightly different version of the “raggedness” of a layered short haircut is created.

Graduated by a square with its versatility, based on the construction of five points, ease of care and styling will never go out of style and remains a constant trend beyond time and age. A bob cut on a leg is ideally combined with any type of bangs, depending on the type of face, straight bangs or with a blunt “Sessonian” edge are welcome, graduated bangs that emphasize the layers of strands, oblique, allowing you to create a slight asymmetry.

A graduated square is an ideal option for creating natural volume both on very thick hair and on a head of hair that does not differ in enviable density. Additionally, you can accentuate the haircut with elongated front strands, effectively adding stylish contrast through the color scheme.

Layered bob

The classic bob, made by the method of layer-by-layer graduation, symbolizes lightness, individuality, symbolizes youth and femininity. The bob is especially effective on straight hair, giving a special “gloss” and allowing you to easily change a sporty look for a stylish and romantic look of an elegant asymmetric hairstyle.

Bob also welcomes all types of bangs, but it is especially beautiful and effective in combination with oblique “lightweight” bangs and protruding sharp locks along the contour of the face. Such a series of accents – sharp edges, combined with the softness of the contour, create the illusion of shadow, when the eyes and their gaze become the main feature. This type of bob, combined with asymmetrical bangs, visually emphasizes the contours of the face and cheekbones, creating a beautiful outline and volumetric shape.

Graduated “ladder”

Graduated haircut “ladder” is one of the most modern solutions for creating a beautiful silhouette for slightly curly or fine and unruly hair.

The multilevel haircut is indicated by the layering of strands, a uniform cascade falling from the crown to the shoulders, but an especially interesting option is when each subsequent layer of strands has its own length, which will always be a choice in favor of the individuality of its own appearance and style.

Such a complex geometry of a haircut or its style can be applied not only to the side strands, but also to the bangs and to emphasize the “torn” contours. The flexible silhouette from a voluminous cap at the top of the head to the lower milled strands visually stretches lido of any shape and type, softening facial features and expression.

Ultra short graduated pixie

The graduated ultra-short “elf” is ideal for young girls and women, looks great on curly and straight hair with short or, on the contrary, elongated asymmetrical bangs that fall down to the middle of the cheekbones or below.

Graduated pixies are not limited to round or oval face types and can be adjusted to any type from rectangular to feline.

Using a graduated bang, or rather playing with its length and direction, can smooth out a heavy square chin or a wide forehead, and the left temporal locks level out protruding cheekbones and soften the image. But the owners of the pixie must first of all remember that the pixie always highlights the eyes and lips.

Care and styling of graduated haircuts

Dyeing graduated strands on short hair opens up a wide field for realizing your creative look and desires and makes it possible to use all the latest planar and volumetric 3D types of hair dyeing, multicolor or with sun glare of a wide variety of palettes and shades.

But another undoubted advantage of graduated haircuts is associated with different styling options depending on the type of face and hair structure. The temporal strands left long when laid towards the cheekbones help to visually hide the plump face and cheeks, shading the line of the cheekbones and chin.

With the help of a hair dryer, the graduated strands on the crown are easily lifted, creating additional volume for the hair, and this styling with an increase in volume at the hair roots is perfect for curly hair, especially in the case of choosing a graduated bob or bob on a leg for short curly hair.

The only disadvantage of the ultra-short pixie is the frequent visits to the hairdresser to maintain the desired shape on fast-growing hair.

Consider styling an ultra-short pixie with long, graduated bangs on straight hair.

For styling you will need:

  • a hair dryer with a crevice nozzle or with a diffuser nozzle;
  • medium hold styling mousse;
  • varnish fixer.


  1. Apply a small amount of styling mousse to washed hair and carefully distribute it along the length of the hair.
  2. Dry the crown with a hairdryer, lifting it at the roots with a crevice nozzle or winding it clockwise with a diffuser nozzle. If “waves” are needed during styling, then small diameter curlers should be used.
  3. Dry the bangs layer by layer from bottom to top, keeping the reference point to the center of the crown. The option of using a “banana” fleece is not excluded, with smoothly combed temporal strands back to the back of the head.
  4. Fix the resulting shape with varnish.