hair dyeing technique (photo and video)

Many women want to change their hair color, but for a long time they cannot decide on dyeing, fearing to ruin their curls. And they do it completely in vain, because today specialists have developed several techniques for gentle staining. One of them is balayazh – a special type of highlighting, which is performed mainly on the tips with a blurred border of the transition from a natural tone to a new one.

The balayage dyeing technique will make any curls sparkle and sparkle with new overflows of colors. It looks very impressive and stylish on the hair, at the same time it is natural.

Balayage staining technique

The essence of balayage technique

France became the homeland of balayazh technology, this dyeing technology appeared not so long ago, but it quickly won a large number of fans. The essence of this method is that the ends of the curls are shaded with a different color, different from the natural one, while only individual strands are worked out. To make the image as natural as possible, several different tones are used at the same time with a soft transition from one to another.

As a result, the hairstyle always looks well-groomed, even when the strands grow to a considerable length. The surrounding people will not even be able to guess whether the curls are dyed or naturally burned out under the rays of the sun.

Benefits of balayage technique

  1. Allows you to create a fashionable and stylish look no worse than that of the “star” beauties.
  2. Suitable for women of any age, and for very adult ladies, it will also help to disguise gray hair.
  3. It is a universal option for all curls – short and long, smooth and curly.
  4. Helps to emphasize individuality, to look very effective and at the same time natural.
  5. Unlike other types of staining, it allows you to visit the salon less often to update the color and tidy up the curls, 3-4 procedures per year are enough.
  6. Helps to add additional visual volume and splendor to the hairstyle.
  7. Does not spoil the curls and does not cause serious damage to their health.
  8. Allows you to refresh the image without resorting to drastic changes.

How is balayage staining done?

The balayage technique is considered quite simple, however, it is still better to carry out the procedure in the salon with an experienced specialist who is familiar with all the intricacies of this type of staining. In addition, only a professional will be able to correctly select several shades so that the image is complete and harmonious.

The technique of applying the dye to the hair can be different, it depends on the length of the strands to be dyed.


Short haircut

  1. The strands are combed along the entire length so that the ends are at the top.
  2. Everything is fixed with varnish.
  3. A pre-prepared lightening or coloring composition is applied to foil strips.
  4. Apply paint foil to the ends of the curls, making sure that it does not touch the roots.
  5. After the required time has elapsed, the dye is washed off.

Medium length curls

  1. With the help of the sharp tip of the comb, the entire head of hair is divided into several squares.
  2. The strands are collected in ponytails.
  3. Foil strips are wrapped around the base of each ponytail.
  4. Using a sponge or brush, apply the dye to the ends of the curls.
  5. When the allotted time has passed (on average 20-30 minutes), the dye composition is washed off the hair.

Balayage staining technique

Long strands

  1. Hair is well combed and divided into separate strands.
  2. A strip of foil is placed under the ends of each selected strand.
  3. With a brush, apply the coloring composition to the required length of curls, drawing the future contour.
  4. The paint on the strands is kept for about 15 minutes, and then it is washed off.

Balayage staining technique

How to choose the right shade

Balayage coloring

The result of staining largely depends on the chosen color scheme. The balayazh technique is designed to bring brightness and originality to the hairstyle, its main distinguishing feature is that toning is carried out within the same color. Here it is impossible to combine, for example, very light blond and dark chestnut.

Also, the choice of shades for highlighting is influenced by the original color of the curls. Balayage is great for strands of any tone and even for previously colored hair.

Balayage for dark curls

When dyeing on dark hair, the main task is to partially lighten the ends, but no more than 3-4 tones. For dark brown-haired women and brunettes, chocolate, coffee, nut and amber shades are suitable.

To give the image extravagance, you can highlight the ends of black curls in a burgundy or red tone, and for dark brown-haired women it is better to pay attention to the bronze scale.

Balayage on light strands

Balayage on light strands

By nature, light curls are thinner and more fragile, and their ends are the most vulnerable, therefore, dyes without ammonia should be chosen for highlighting such strands. If we are talking about artificial blondes, the approach to coloring should be even more careful. In this case, it is advisable to prepare for the procedure in advance – to conduct a course of moisturizing and nourishing masks for the ends. With special scrupulousness, you should select the tone of the coloring agent, otherwise the result may be unexpected and disappointing.

Light brown-haired women should take a closer look at the shades of caramel and light walnut. Blondes are well suited for pearl, ash, wheat and honey tones.

Balayage on light strands

Balayage on red hair

As for red-haired girls, they can choose all sorts of shades of copper and bright red for coloring, and they can also lighten the ends of their strands in an amber tone.

Balayazh creates a unique and harmonious contrast of shades on the hair, thanks to which the image is rich, original and attracting everyone’s attention. Do not be afraid to ruin your curls as a result of such staining, since this technique belongs to the category of sparing and is not capable of harming the strands.

Balayage staining technique: video

This video will show the full cycle of balayage hair dyeing technique.