Haircut caprice for short hair

Short hairstyles from season to season remain at the peak of popularity. One of the most common is a whim haircut. Despite its name, it is distinguished by its versatility and elegant simplicity, suitable for women of any age, build and height, and can be performed on all types of strands.

A caprice haircut creates creative chaos on the head, but, in fact, all the lines are clearly verified and built with all scrupulousness. It combines magnificent volume, complex layering, daring torn strands and an elegant staggered shape – this is such a multifaceted and changeable whim.

Varieties of haircuts whim for short hair

A caprice haircut is always individual, it is unlikely that it will be possible to find two absolutely identical images, the hairdresser clearly verifies all the lines and selects for each woman a unique shape that suits her. But there is one main and invariable feature of this hairstyle – layering, while the strands should be well profiled, have different lengths and slightly knock out of the general contour. It is this principle that allows you to create an effective volume on the head.

A whim hairstyle cannot be imagined without a bang, the shape of which can be almost any:

  • classic torn bangs – there are no clear rules here, there should be strands of different lengths in the bangs, laid in a chaotic order, no sharply defined and straight contours;
  • graduated bangs along the oblique – this bang option will bring asymmetry to the hairstyle, help visually lengthen the oval of the face;
  • bangs laid on one side – in this version, the bangs seem to be absent altogether, in fact, it smoothly passes into the side strands, merging with their general contour.

The scheme for performing haircuts whim

In order not to be disappointed with the result, it is necessary to contact an experienced master for such a haircut, it is the professional who will be able to choose the shape of the hairstyle for the individual characteristics of the woman’s appearance.

For short hair, there is the following cutting technique:

  • the entire head of hair is divided into 4 main zones with the help of two partings – one passes vertically through the crown, the other is carried out horizontally in the form of an arc;
  • the lower part of the hair is divided into two more parts, here the control strand is selected, the length of which will serve as a guide when cutting the remaining curls;
  • all hair is cut at right angles using the strand-by-strand principle;
  • then the middle and upper part of the hair on the back of the head is processed, the method of vertical graduation is used here, which consists in the fact that the strands are pulled at a right angle to the head, and the cut with scissors is made at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • further, focusing on the length of the hair on the back of the head, they cut off the locks in the temporal zone of the head, all work should go from the back of the head to the face;
  • the finishing touch is shaping the bangs and thinning the ends of all the hairs to create “feathers”.

This technique is quite complex, and only an experienced professional can handle it.

Haircut whim

Who will decorate the haircut whim

Caprice is an almost universal haircut that does not impose special requirements on facial features, hair structure and other components of appearance. But still, when creating this hairstyle, you should pay attention to several important points:

  • a sophisticated oval-shaped face, an elongated and thin neck – the ideal basis for this haircut, its shape and bangs in this case can be absolutely any;
  • it is better for chubby girls to combine a whim haircut with an asymmetrical oblique bang, which will help to visually stretch the contour;
  • curly or straight, thick or thin – the type of curls can be different, in each case a whim haircut will look charming in its own way;
  • especially impressive hairstyle will be able to emphasize the slender figure of its owner, opening her graceful neck.

Haircut whim

How to style a whim haircut

A haircut is surprisingly easy to clean and style, a few minutes in front of the mirror – and a great stylish look is ready. For this quality, the hairstyle is especially appreciated by business women who experience a constant lack of free time. But at the same time, if there is a desire, on the basis of a haircut, you can also build a very complex styling with curls.

Creative chaos

This styling option, like no other, is suitable for short whims. In this case, slightly damp curls need to be treated with a styling agent and dried with a hair dryer, creating a volume in the root part with a brush. After drying, armed with an iron, it is necessary to draw out the ends of the strand, and some can be given a pointed shape using a modeling gel.

Strict elegance

To create a strict and concise styling, it is necessary to comb the wet curls back, and then dry them with a hairdryer. The bangs are modeled depending on their shape. You can also highlight several strands on the sides with the help of mousse or gel, and to add shine, the hair must be treated with a special oil. At the end, for better fixation, everything is sprayed with varnish.

Tender romance

This styling option will be appropriate for a date or an evening walk, it combines light curls and strict contours. To create such a delicate look, you need to comb your slightly damp hair, highlighting a side parting and leaving a few strands of hair on your face. The rest of the head of hair must be screwed on curlers of medium diameter or with tongs and thus beautiful curls are formed.

At the same time, curls must be wound in the direction of the parting made, and not vice versa. The strands that previously remained free must be pulled forward by ironing – let them fall freely on the forehead. You can complement your hairstyle with romantic accessories: hairpins, headbands, ribbons.

A caprice haircut in any of its versions is designed to create a fashionable, sexy and very stylish image. This hairstyle can be afforded by ladies who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and like to experiment with different styling.