Haircut “Italian” for medium hair and her photo

Italy, this Italy, permeated with rays, blue sea, glare of the sun, filled with a light breeze and airy-spicy aromas of summer herbs. All this is mixed by the hand of the master who took the classic cascade as a basis in combination with the sessoon into a cascading, light and delicate haircut “Italian”.

Boring classics and modernity

Uniting in its essence initially independent and, at first glance, self-sufficient classics and modernity, “Italian” appears before us as a harmonious combination of sophistication, grace and restrained luxury. On the one hand, emphasizing the thickness of the hair with layering, on the other hand, effectively “rounding” the unnecessarily torn cascading edge of the strands, this is its Italian peculiarity – the sunny “effect”, embodied in the complete lightness of the image.

Voluminous haircut “Italian”

For medium-length hair, as the most popular and easy to care for, most haircuts have been created and a light, luminous “Italian” fills the image of the owner with charm and romance. In addition to high image aesthetics, due to the technique of execution “Italian” suits any type of hair, filling thin hair with volume, thick, heavy hair will give a strict style of form.

Regardless of the texture of the hair, the haircut creates a voluminous stylish head of hair with a fairly small amount of time spent on styling, it looks perfect both in “straight” performance, and with twisted ends of the strands or strong curls.

Haircut “Italian” with shades of colors

The stylistic color solutions of the “Italian” haircut should reflect the very idea of ​​the Italian classics, enclosed not in the sun and the sea, but in the most ancient classics or the art of the Renaissance.

Recommended shades include golden, honey, ocher palettes, with pastel “sunny” tones that perfectly combine natural nutty and chocolate tones.

The structure and airiness of the haircut is well emphasized by all dyeing techniques, with the obligatory, say even ideologically correct, application of light highlights along the entire length, which will emphasize the richness of the natural color and add sunshine to the main shade of the hair.

Haircut “Italian” with bangs

“Italian” suits all types of faces – round, rectangular and feline triangular, masking small imperfections with bangs and milled ends of the strands framing the face.

When choosing a bang, you can stop at a straight or bangs that mirrored down to the right and left to the cheekbones, giving the main emphasis to the eyes.

An oblique bang with a sharp transition to the length will look no less spectacular, the only feature of the master is to round such a bang very carefully to remove the excessive “raggedness” of the strands, nevertheless, the “Italian” bangs should be interesting, up to spectacularly defiant.

Relevance of style and image

The fantasy of the “Italian” gives scope for creative thought both when creating an image by a master of hairdressing, and in its further maintenance on its own.

An ideal style and a spectacular image are easily created due to the variability of styling, which allows you to play with the evenness of the shape, as well as, as an option, set a certain asymmetry of the shape by graduating and rounding the ends of the strands.

Bold creative options for haircuts are also welcome, as an example, with the finest strands highlighted, geometrically not included in the overall shape of the hairstyle, but located slightly “above it”, such a version of the “broken” shape will create the effect of carelessness and slight frivolity.

Color solutions can emphasize the famous “five-point” construction, for example, by pixel coloring, or strict two-color, and maybe even sharply polarized bronzing in terms of colors. It is not recommended only to use many colors or not the most popular in the season, bright pretentious high-tech shades, far from natural naturalness.

Mixing styles is not going out of fashion soon and is unlikely to ever leave the podium of one of the main world trends of the last decade – fusion style and relevance.