Haircut “with a hat” for medium hair

After reviewing hundreds of magazines with recommendations for hairstyles, styling or color schemes, sometimes you can’t find a haircut that stands out from the crowd, especially when you want to keep the length of hair that is thin in structure. In such cases, volume with a simple and quick styling comes first, and I would also like the presence of creative elements in the hairstyle both in the form and in the color presentation of your own image.

In solving such a “complicated” task, a haircut “cap” based on different styles, but giving volume in any case, will be an excellent choice – whether you leave the long lower milled locks of a bob or a graduated bob or cut them in the pixie version with a raised cap and with an asymmetric bangs that fall to the cheekbones or lower to the shoulders.

Hair structure

The shape of a haircut “with a hat” looks great on hair of any structure, but it is especially suitable for thin straight hair, facilitating a short crown, which adds an appearance of perkiness, lightness and a slight note of windiness, which in modern society still remains an invariable trend in the appearance of a confident woman. As already noted, a voluminous hat in combination with elongated torn strands on the cheekbones and on the neck is ideal for both coarse hair and curly curls, in a special way highlighting the facial features of the owner of her own naturally curly hair or specially laid with waves and curls.

Types of haircuts “with a hat” for medium hair

It should be additionally noted that the hairstyle “cap” for medium hair, due to its “non-fixed” shape, created on the basis of different haircuts, is suitable for almost any type of face. And, having decided on the main “basic” haircut, already on its basis you can make a lightweight hat, ideally suited to your face, regardless of its shape – square, rectangular elongated or round. The voluminous hat is good in any color scheme and does not in any way limit the age of the owner.

Asymmetry hairstyle “hat”:

Haircut “with a hat” based on “basic” haircuts

A structured or graduated bob is suitable as a basis for a haircut with a “hat” for the fairer sex who prefer bangs. It looks good with straight thick or short oblique bangs, while there are no restrictions on the options for parting either.

A cap on the top of the head is an ideal and “flexible” hairstyle, in which you can choose both straight and side parting. Strands smoothly combed at the temples effectively emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes or lips, but also with bangs and without bangs, with strands near the face or without the “hat” always looks good. With the help of a hairdryer and a couple of hand movements, hair easily and naturally takes on the desired shape and volume during everyday styling.

At its core, the fancy pixie is considered the perfect base for a beanie cut. Her elongated bangs will effectively and ultra-modern accentuate the hat, and the asymmetrical version with trimmed temples or just one side will add creative creativity to a feminine look. It should be noted separately the asymmetrical version of the cap, slightly raised at the back of the head, falling forward and effectively completed with a heavy oblique long bangs, completing the graphics of the form and image.

But the hairstyle “with a hat” became a hit in the so-called “trash” -style, a relatively new youth fashion trend, a kind of rebellious anti-glamor. “Trash” stands out from the “crowd” for its protest against any patterns, frameworks with the main rule “have no rules”. And the hairstyle “hat” fits perfectly and even helps to transfer the absence of rules to the teenage “trash” hairstyle, combining in one image the unmatched lengths, sharp and torn edges of the strands, emphasized either by monochrome black and white images, or colored, up to the rainbow seven-color …

Care and staining

The hairstyle “hat” for medium hair is suitable for all, without exception, active, modern female representatives. This haircut gives the image energy, movement and emphasizes the originality of the owner, making her stand out from the crowd.

The main task of the “hat” haircut is to create volume on the top of the head, so a round brush and hair dryer are enough for grooming and quick styling, as well as the technique of drying the hair “from the roots”. To give more volume or fix stylish extraordinary strands, it is enough to use ordinary foams, strict fixation varnishes or mousses, that is, those hair care products that are suitable and recommended exclusively for your hair, but in general, the hair can either be left straight or curled inward the tips of individual strands.

Also, a haircut does not exclude various hairstyles and weaving of both adjacent temporal braids and the usual everyday ponytails or bunches with released strands. Curls also look perfect when combined with straight long curls with shorter curly curls, giving extra volume to the entire hairstyle and a romantic look.

A hairstyle “cap” with a smooth transition implies a short cap of hair at the top of the head, and then a smooth stepwise descent of the strands to the main length. With such a haircut, the hair looks voluminous and very easily keeps its shape both with bangs and without them. You can diversify this type of “hat” by styling with irons, leaving your hair perfectly straight, and emphasizing their different lengths favorably.

But it adds a trendy effect and an absolutely glamorous impression to the image of various coloring options, based on natural tones, followed by coloring with different colors and techniques, emphasizing only individual strands falling from under the cap, and highlighting the cap itself from the total mass of hairstyles. You can use the technology of a smooth transition of color, the use of several shades, coloring or bronzing.

The haircut is perfect for creating creative hairstyles. It is enough to add asymmetry and the haircut will look completely new. An experienced professional hairdresser will help you experiment with the shape and length of the cap.