How to care for long hair

Long, beautiful hair is an indicator of health. Female representatives with long hair always attract the attention of others. But most importantly, long hair gives a woman confidence. Growing long hair is not easy, but if you are looking for luxurious hair, then our recommendations for long hair care will be helpful.

Long shiny hair

How to wash long hair?

Long hair is more difficult to wash than short hair. Rinse your hair under warm running water, especially if it is thick.

To wash long hair, you will need: shampoo, conditioner balm, comb (or brush), warm running water.

The shampoo should be appropriate for your hair type. If you are at a loss with the choice of detergent, seek advice from your hairdresser.

Buy only quality shampoo. Change it every couple of months so that chemical elements do not accumulate in your hair. When changing shampoo, buy a small bottle of another product, check if it suits you, and then purchase a large volume.

Conditioning balm makes it easier to comb long hair and improves its structure. It is good to use the rinse that is specially made in addition to the shampoo.

Care should be taken when choosing a comb. Her teeth should be blunt and sparse. You will need a comb to distribute the conditioner balm, paint, masks through your hair, and also to comb out the hair that has fallen out. Short hair is washed out by itself with a stream of water, while long hair needs to be combed out in the shower.

Fine comb

The rinse water must be soft. Hard water is harmful to hair, shampoo dissolves worse in it. When you take a salt bath, tuck your hair up.

the washing up

Washing head

Dampen all hair completely. Lather the shampoo on the head, distribute through the hair. Try not to tangle your hair, wash from top to bottom. Rinse hair under running water. Apply a special rinse to the hair roots, massage the scalp with your fingertips. Comb through your hair to distribute the rinse evenly through your hair. Rinse your hair with a comb. Now you can rinse your hair with a decoction of herbs to strengthen or heal. Wrap your hair in a towel.

I wash my hair twice a week, or daily, but then carefully choose a shampoo and choose a nourishing mask.

Drying and styling long hair


It is good if the hair can dry itself. But if there is no time and opportunity to wait, then you can use a hairdryer.
When drying long hair, be careful not to get sucked into the hair dryer. Do not turn it back to your hair.
It is advisable to dry your hair longer, but at a low temperature, and try not to dry it completely.

Hair styling

Hair styling can be done in a variety of ways. Soft hair should be combed and laid out as desired during drying. You can fix your hair with foam or varnish, but then you should wash them in the evening. Don’t use styling products every day. Try not to spray all your hair, but only on individual strands, rest your hair on weekends.

When it comes to curling, keep in mind that a curling iron weakens the hair. Curlers are not so negative. You can get beautiful wavy hair by simply braiding it into thick braids overnight.

Haircut and coloring

How to cut long hair?

Long hair should be cut at least twice a year. The hair on the head grows unevenly, and after a while the hairstyle loses its shape. Long hair may have split ends and should be cut to keep the hair healthy and will grow faster as well.

It is recommended to have your hair cut by one hairdresser. Tell him ahead of time that you want to keep the length of your hair.


Do not rush to change the color of your hair, because you will not be able to restore the original shade, and it will be a pity to cut long hair.

Try toning your hair with washable paint. If you like the resulting color, then you can already repaint with a persistent composition.

It is recommended to use natural tint products – henna, basma, chamomile. If you wish, you can choose any color. We recommend keeping the coloring agent on your hair for 3-4 hours. The hair will be bright, vibrant, silky and shiny.

Hair can be dyed with paint that was purchased in the store, but then you need to additionally buy a regenerating shampoo and conditioner balm.

The required staining time should be determined. Hair interacts with dye in different ways. Cut off a small section of hair in an inconspicuous place, tie with a thread, and paint over it. Hold it on your hair for 10 minutes less than written in the instructions for the paint, rinse it off, look at the resulting color. If the shade is not the same, apply again, wait 5-10 minutes, and so on, until you get the desired color. Keep dye on hair until desired result.

Long hair is best dyed in the salon, or ask your friends for help.

The dyeing process is not difficult, but long hair is difficult to dye on your own. Part your hair, paint 2-3 cm near the roots. We make a parallel parting every 1-1.5 cm, and repeat. After painting over the entire head, comb the hair so that it is painted over the entire length. Then put your hair under the hat and wait for the right time. Then the paint should be thoroughly washed off.


Long hair should be combed out daily. Do not comb, but comb out, repeating the movements with the already combed hair. Such actions are useful as a head massage and in order to evenly distribute nutrients inside the hair. This is a good method for boosting hair growth. It is advisable to use a massage brush. Use a comb to detangle the ends.

It is recommended to rinse your hair with herbal decoctions. The sequence gives the hair strength and health, chamomile has a mild toning effect on blonde hair, helps to strengthen it. It is necessary that you like the smell of grass, as the hair is able to retain the grassy smell for a long time.
Hair masks should also be used.

Care advice

  • Braid your hair at night to make it easier to comb in the morning.
  • If the hair is tangled, apply balm or burdock oil, comb long hair under running water.
  • After getting your hair cut, learn how to style your hair yourself.
  • If you are in a room with a persistent odor, hide your hair as it absorbs the unpleasant odor.