Sessun haircut – image geometry

Sessun – a haircut that came to us from the sixties of the last century, not only does not give up its trendy positions, but is steadily gaining popularity in the current century. Its creator, whose name is immortalized in the name of the hairstyle, an amazing hairdresser and stylist Vidal Sessoon, said: “I always liked geometry, so I began to develop my own method – how to cut according to its laws.”

Silhouette geometry

To this day, the mathematical style of sessun, its ideal shape, emphasizing beauty and femininity with a soft rounded silhouette, excites women’s hearts with a rich psychedelic combined with an emphasized naturalness and attractiveness.

Philosophical “here and now”

Sessun refers to the classic, basic haircuts and its construction is based on the masterful technique of five points, using the knowledge of geometry and anatomical landmarks – the back of the head, temples, bangs. The individuality and personification of the hairstyle construction allows you to create a hairstyle that is not only suitable for a given type of hair and face, but also emphasizes the general style of a woman’s image. All the same eclecticism of the sixties – simplicity of geometric shapes with bright accents of a new free silhouette of a woman, not only strong and fashionable, but with a changed philosophy, expressed in a simple rule of “Wash-and-wear”, ideally suited to today’s style of modern society of the second decade of the XXI century “here and now” – the maximum effect at minimum cost.

Austerity and elegance

Depending on the type and length of hair, the sessun face oval offers variations on the theme of long and short hair, with a simple pattern of subtle graduations, creating an elegant silhouette. It is not surprising that the spectacular branded hairstyle becomes the hit of the season and does not leave the pedestal of the globally recognized trend. In addition to length, sessun makes it possible to “play” with the geometry of the image, using either an asymmetric shape, shaping the tips at a special angle, or creating the illusion of asymmetry using different techniques of geometric coloring.

When choosing a sessun, it is very important to take into account the experience and professionalism of the master, since a haircut is difficult to perform, requires knowledge of hair tension and growth, and any wrong movement with scissors can ruin the strict shape of the silhouette.

Illusion and play

But sessun allows at any time easily and naturally with the help of a hairdryer and a few waves of hands to always wear a stylish model haircut, subject to a non-professional and, most importantly, very quick styling at home and, which is not unimportant, it does not take a lot of time and money to maintain it …

The haircut perfectly holds its shape, it is easy to fit, it is voluminous even on hair of insufficient volume and ideally smooths out small imperfections. Sessun is mathematically verified, 3D-formatted and elegantly completed, and, naturally, one should not forget that a haircut, which is not easy to perform, requires high professionalism from the master, and also does not accept any accessories in the form of braids, tails or decorative elements of such like: hoops, bows and all kinds and forms of costume jewelry.

Sessun haircut variability

The latest fashion trends gravitate towards super-realistic surrealism – a combination of illusion and reality and the creation of natural images through a collage of phantasmagoric shapes and hypnotic colors, inviting modern women to play a magical illusion at the subconscious level. This hairstyle is perfect for women who are intolerant of monotony, spectacular and dazzling.

Professionals consider the sessun haircut to be universal and suitable for most types of faces and figures, beyond age restrictions, but in addition to these advantages, the haircut has a unique feature – depending on the shape of the face, you can choose a haircut of the required length, adjusting the forehead and cheekbones with a bang or its absence or asymmetrically falling , with and without parting. And the only limitation of this haircut is that it is recommended not to perform it on curly and even slightly wavy hair in any, even geometrically creative form.

Sessun for long hair

A sessun haircut on long hair is maximally formed only up to the shoulder blades. But this option is great for those who are determined to experiment with hair volume, shape graphics or color “content”, but are not ready to lose the richness of length or who have a priority in length.

Cascading down with graduated strands creates an illusory waterfall of perfectly smooth and straight hair, and the effect of a hood created by the shape of the hairstyle will accentuate and highlight the magic and eroticism of the female gaze. The long sessun is ideal for combining shapes using asymmetry or playing with colored highlights along the entire length of the hair.

Sessun for medium and short hair

The length of such a sessun assumes that the ears and neck will be closed at the back, it is this form of haircut that is considered the original and classic of the genre. The elongated sessun ideally emphasizes the beauty and expressiveness of a long neck, and also remarkably accentuates attention, highlighting facial features, emphasizing the structure and plasticity of female expressiveness. It perfectly hides and even eliminates small imperfections – the shape of the ears and forehead, playing with the bangs will visually expand and “open” the eyes, and the side strands perfectly correct the shape of the cheekbones and the oval of the face.

Sessun is considered short when the hair is so long that the ears are not completely covered.

In general, the hairstyle is ideal in that it places accents on the details of the face, what is necessary to emphasize or, on the contrary, hide, it allows mature ladies to look younger, as well as visually hide small flaws. Sessun is an absolute reflection of modern trends based on illusion, magic with minimal effort.

Sessun with bangs

Absolutely universal sessun with or without all types of bangs. A very elegant and noble sessun with elongated bangs that hide the eyebrows and emphasize the mystery of the look. And with long, asymmetrical bangs, the haircut is perfect for a round or rectangular face.

As an example, the left straight thick bangs will not “cut off” the visually rectangular face, but will create the illusion of an oval and even pronounced cheekbones and chin. If, on the contrary, you want to smooth out the triangular, “cat-like” contour of the face, then you can use the bangs, elongated to the temples, and the roundness of the haircut smoothes square faces and protruding chins.

And of course, the bangs visually mask a wide and high forehead. As you can see, the hairstyle provides a huge field for creativity and imagination of the master.

Sessun creative forms

The mysticism and fantasy of new geometric shapes perfectly match the laws and creed of Vidal Sessun’s old school and is perfectly expressed in edgy creative haircuts based on the sessun shape. Emphasized asymmetry, sharp protruding strands, graphic waves falling bangs, combined with perfect color and styling.

Geometric bangs, cut whiskey create a graphic individual style for any woman, emphasizing her special beauty and creating a personalized ideal, expressed in modified versions of the sessun, where something is changed or added that makes the hairstyle even more interesting and fashionable, releasing a long strand or, vice versa , shorten, fille, give a form of spectacular negligence and frivolity.

Variants of playing with color will help to radically change not only externally, giving a woman confidence and charm. The entire color palette will come to the rescue, since sessun is not limited to color, he accepts and welcomes all types of coloring and toning in whole and in separate strands. The use of a color gradient emphasizes the cascade of long hair, it can be bi-color or multi-color, as well as graphic coloring with strokes and accents, and pixel coloring of shapes and images.

Sessun is a hairstyle of elegance and brilliance, expression and imagery and, in its ability to give scope for creativity, may already have become a full-fledged art form.