Styling curly hair: photo and video

Naturally curly hair is a punishment and a reward? Most owners of luxurious curly hair often complain either about nature, each gust of wind confuses and knocks the curls off the “true path”, then about the weather, when the slightest moisture and drizzling rain twists into naughty bundles for so long and carefully straightened strands.

Only now, the owners of perfectly straight hair, no, no, yes, they will look with envy after a wavy hairstyle with perfect curls.

Curly hair structure

Styling curly hair

As it turned out, recently the structure of curly hair itself is very different from the structure of ordinary hair, firstly, it is not round, but oval, and secondly, curly hair is very porous with highly fluffed scales, which initially makes the hair brittle and fragile.

Adding to the already naturally injured hair structure a state of softness and dryness, you will get a very dry hair without any manipulations with tools or devices such as a hair dryer, not to mention irons or a styler.

Care and recovery

Before proceeding with any styling on curly hair of any length, it is advisable to carry out care procedures.

An obligatory event will be the use of balms and masks., filling the porosity of the hair structure, for curly hair, silicone balms and conditioners are shown as a medicinal and restorative one, nourishing masks twice a week, in addition to the mandatory use of shampoos and special products developed for natural curls.

Styling curly hair

Well-groomed shiny curly hair is an ideal decoration and one of the main advantages of female beauty. Nevertheless, for the completeness of the image and the effect of the hairstyle, it is advisable to give shape, using both styling products, a hairdryer, and irons – they all fit curly hair with one condition, it is necessary to carefully observe the temperature regime and use various techniques as carefully as possible so as not to fluff the naughty a shock of hair or not to dry out the already fragile curly hair.

There are three main directions in styling curly hair:

  1. Accentuated lacquer of natural curls in their natural form.
  2. Curls as an element of the hairstyle.
  3. Straighten curls with irons.

Styling short curly hair

Styling short curls directly depends on the length of the hair and the shape of the hairstyle – bob, bob or pixie with long curly bangs or a hat. In general, short curly hair is styled relatively quickly, following certain rules and techniques, as well as using special mousses and foams for curly hair.

For styling, you will need the following tools and tools:

  • styling product for curly hair or any active mousse or foam;
  • hairdryer with diffuser attachment;
  • ridge with sparse large teeth;
  • fixative varnish.

The actions are as follows:

  1. Apply to clean, damp hair a product suitable for your hair type and distribute it along the length with a coarse-toothed comb.
  2. Gently distribute the strand over the diffuser nozzle and dry it with a hairdryer at a low temperature, then switch to cold and dry the strand completely.
  3. Fix each dried strand with varnish.

Separately, it should be noted hairstyles in which only curly bangs fit – these are ultra-short pixies with long asymmetrical bangs or hairstyles with a hat.

It is recommended to dry the temples and the occipital region of short hair with a hairdryer using wax or gel, so that the hair does not curl, but straighten it with a product and fix it when drying, and dry the crown, bangs and the upper area of ​​the nape of the head in a row, if curls are needed, or pull it out using brushing and straighten curly strands.

Styling medium to long curly hair

Curly hair of medium and long length, as well as short, can be styled with a hair dryer with light curly curls, or many fashionistas with great pleasure use such a device as an iron to change a romantic curly hairstyle for straight, smooth and shiny hair, they prefer this option wearers of structured layered hairstyles such as a graduated bob or cascade.

To create a stylish cascade with straight strands, not so many styling products are needed:

  • protective athermal remedy for curly hair with oils;
  • irons;
  • comb with fine teeth.


  1. Spread the curl protectant over the entire length of clean hair, preventing hair from burning out during high-temperature styling with tongs or irons.
  2. Distribute hair into four zones and fix, loosening only the used sector. It should be noted that the styling of structured hairstyles is done from top to bottom.
  3. Divide each sector into a certain number of strands, carefully comb the working strand and, according to the instructions, straighten it with an iron. Such styling is quite time consuming, but the result obtained will not leave anyone indifferent.
  4. Fix the hairstyle with varnish.

Medium hair is one of the most rewarding lengths for curly hair, as it can be easily worn loose or pinned up in a wide variety of hairstyles from French shell, low and high tufts to all kinds of ponytails.

When styling with a hairdryer with the help of brushing, the curls can be slightly straightened, leaving only a hint of a wave, and if there is a desire to lay the “little devil”, then it is enough to apply a special product for cool curls on wet and naturally curly strands and dry with the effect of wet hair.

When fixing the strands further, in no case use a comb, otherwise the hair will loosen up and it will be possible to cope with them only by starting all over again.

Styling curly hair: video