Features of winter makeup: choosing the right makeup

Every year, except for 2019, when I moved to live in Dubai, I revise my cosmetic “wardrobe”, removing some products and adding others. This is a necessary procedure that I prescribe to all my clients and to you – those who read me.

I think it is wrong to use the same products, if only the climate and your skin type allows such luxury. In reality, we are forced to change one remedy for another, simply because winter has come. And today I want to share my vision of how my makeup changes in the winter season.

Features of winter makeup

Base makeup

Features of winter makeup

In winter, it is contraindicated for me to experiment with make-up bases. They work differently. Intermittently. A proven option is a day face cream. With it, the result is more stable without disappointment in the foundation.

And as a rule, the tone is always the extreme, and not what lies under it. Everything should be exactly the opposite: first we suspect a base for makeup (in bad tone behavior), and only then a foundation. More than once I was able to change my opinion about the tone after replacing the primer (even if that moisturizer) with a day face cream.


Features of winter makeup

In winter, it is contraindicated for me to apply powder instead of foundation, as I do in summer.

Firstly, unpleasant sensations will haunt me throughout the day – skin tightness.

Secondly, peeling will not be long in coming. Appear as pretty in the most unexpected areas: temples, chin, cheekbones. I won’t even talk about the T zone, it will be the first to protest! In my opinion, these are strong arguments to not punish the skin in winter and give it a creamy texture with a light water-based coating.

Eye makeup

Features of winter makeup

In winter, long-lasting eye textures are contraindicated for me, starting with the underlay and ending with the base under the shadow. They dry the skin so that it is slightly confused by the appearance of wrinkles, which have not yet been in the summer.

Exceptions: oily skin type. They can and even need to use a primer so that the makeup lasts until the evening. Therefore, I recommend that my clients try the first option first: replace the base with concealer and see how good or bad the makeup behaves during the day. If the result is pleasing, then there is no need to put the skin at risk.

Lip care


In winter, it is contraindicated for me to use matte lipstick. With all my efforts to care for my lips, it does not lie very well: it emphasizes folds, dries and in general … it looks so-so.

Therefore, I replace it with a different type of lipstick-balms. Yes, they are not strong in terms of durability. But I don’t have to worry about the appearance of my lips. They will only be grateful, and those around them will be glad that they no longer have to count the number of folds accentuated by matte lipstick.

This is how I see my transition to a winter makeup bag. I’m not sure if you will subscribe to each item, but you cannot disagree with some of them.