Liquid shadows LH cosmetics Interstellar – Collision: review

LH cosmetics Interstellar - Collision - Linda Hallberg

LH cosmetics Interstellar – Collision liquid eye shadow is the third product from Linda Hallberg after the LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette and The Eye Kit. Anyone who follows Linda Hallberg’s work knows what stunning images she creates. And the best advertisement for the product turned out to be herself, more precisely, the makeup that Linda shows on herself.

LH cosmetics Interstellar - Collision - Linda Hallberg

I have followed the eyeshadows “LH cosmetics Interstellar – Collision” since their appearance in the images of Linda. I was fascinated not so much by the radiance as by the ease of use. She so skillfully applied shadows, be it her fingers or a brush, that I wanted to check the reliability of these actions.

Therefore, as soon as I waited for Black Friday to buy them for $ 15 cheaper, I arranged the delivery. At the same time I bought a universal gel “Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass”.


Liquid eye shadows come in different varieties. So much so that sometimes you refuse to deal with them. Their problem is that the swatch turns out to be beautiful, and when the product is transferred, there is some kind of porridge in front of our eyes: the sparkles are smeared and the shine disappears somewhere.

Therefore, some people apply them over already shiny dry textures to slightly enhance the already existing glow. As a rule, they do not work solo, so you cannot count on the “wow” effect. Knowing all this, I was ready for anything.

Features of LH cosmetics Interstellar – Collision – Linda Hallberg

LH cosmetics Interstellar - Collision - Linda Hallberg

  • At the first swatch, I was amazed at the amount of sparkles. There are so many of them that when shading the shadows, they do not disappear anywhere, but only beautifully distributed over the eyelid, “illuminating” the skin of the eyes.
  • The dense consistency of the shadows allows you to limit yourself to the minimum amount, which is enough for both eyes.
  • The high efficiency of the glitter makes the consumption economical, and the coating is mirror-like. This is not what I expected from liquid eyeshadows. The habit of “fighting” sparkles for their right to remain in front of our eyes, and not on fingers or hands, is a thing of the past.
  • Resilience was a pleasant surprise. I applied them over concealer and they lasted all day. It is worth considering my skin type (dry), which could affect the bias of this parameter. Therefore, it will be more reliable with a base when it comes to overhanging or with a certain structure of the eyelid.



Linda Hallberg, whom I have watched for many years, inspires me not only as a makeup artist, but also as a fundamental brand of “LH cosmetics”, which stands for quality, and not the desire to use its popularity in order to profitably sell its name.