Best foundation for dry skin: TOP 5

The best foundation for dry skin - reviews

Finding the best foundation for dry skin is everyone’s dream. For example, mine.

At the age of 17, I went in search of a foundation, until this age I had enough mascara, eye shadow and lipstick. The face remained completely clean. What prompted me to take this step – to buy a foundation – I no longer remember. But it was then that I realized what type of skin I belong to.

Since then I have found myself in the “everything is complicated” status when it comes to choosing a foundation. But things started to change as I started trying more and more tonal bases. And now I have a whole list of the best ones that I am ready to share right now!

But first, you need to know what your foundation should be for dry skin.

  • If you noticed hyaluronic acid or glycerin in the composition – this is your case. They are responsible for the moisture level in the skin.
  • We saw that the tone with reflective particles is even better! They will give the skin the healthy glow and glow that dry skin lacks.
  • Found UV Filters – Excellent! This base protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, and therefore from moisture loss.

Which suggests that the foundation did not suit dry skin:

  • Feel. They will not deceive you. Felt tightness all over the face – this is the first sign to stop using the cream.
  • Reflection. They saw that it was not clear where there were peeling, which had not been there before – the second sign to say goodbye to the tone.
  • There was alcohol in the composition – be prepared for additional skin problems that are about to begin.

And only after that you can approach the purchase of the cream, having learned about my top.

The best foundation for dry skin: TOP5

1. Foundation MAC Face and Body Foundation

Best Foundation For Dry Skin - MAC Face And Body

  • It will blow your mind with the finest coating. The feeling that there is a foundation on your face will definitely not be. It cannot be seen even through a magnifying glass.
  • The consistency is like water, so there will definitely not be any difficulties with application.
  • The palette is huge, so the chances of NOT finding a suitable shade are zero.
  • If suddenly it did not suit you in all respects, you should know that your skin type is definitely not dry. Face and Body targets hydration with a wet coating effect. Who is against such a finish – uses loose powder on top and best of all mineral.

Price: 3.200 rub

2. Art-visage sustainable with a moisturizing complex and vitamin E

The best foundation for dry skin - Art-visage long-lasting

Falling in love with this tone is very easy for so many qualities.

  • He somehow manages to remain invisible on the face with a thick consistency and a high coverage density
  • Covers imperfections in one stroke of the brush, but without feeling the heaviness of the foundation layer.
  • Therefore, who has something to hide, run after him!
  • SPF-6 availability

Price: 300 rub

3.BB cream Erborian BB Creme Nude

Best Foundation For Dry Skin - Erborian BB Creme Nude

  • With Erborian, you will just feel good about what is on your skin.
  • The feeling of nourishing cream on the face will not leave until the evening.
  • The shade adjusts to the skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a color, as required by classic tonal foundations.
  • You can apply both with your hands, brush for tone, beauty blender
  • Very easy to use that even a beginner will find it difficult to mess up don-t_mention
  • Protection factor SPF 20 / PA ++

Price: 3.500 rub

4. Concealer Divage Luminous Illuminating Soft Foundation

Best foundation for dry skin - Divage Luminous

The budget version is suitable for those who count not only calories, but also money. I can’t say that this is a 100% analogue of Erborian and the like. Inexpensive versions of foundation are always distinguished by the quality of coverage and a meager palette. But if suddenly you found your color in this segment, then why not try and appreciate everything that dry skin needs:

  • perfectly moisturizes
  • invisible on the face
  • does not emphasize peeling

Price: 275 rub

5. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Best Foundation for Dry Skin - NARS Pure Radiant Tinted

“Moisturizer with a tone” – so the manufacturer said and I see no point in arguing with him. Because it is truly a tone-on-tone moisturizer that you can achieve all at once:

  • weightless texture that guarantees lightweight coverage
  • evenly distributed over the skin surface
  • based on natural ingredients
  • availability of SPF-30

Price: 3.200 rub

It is not a fact that all of the listed bases will meet your requirements and will perfectly “fit” the skin. But the fact that they are suitable for dry skin – I can guarantee it! yes