Choosing a highlighter for every day: TOP5

  highlighter for every day

A highlighter for every day is a separate type of product that must meet certain requirements and I will tell you exactly which one.

Perhaps you already have 2-3 highlighters, and among them there is not a single one suitable for daytime makeup. Most likely, you suspect that this one is too shiny, and that one is not the right color, that you eventually stop using them.

A highlighter for every day is a certain type of highlighter, which is characterized by the following qualities:

It is very easy to distinguish it from the rude one. When the highlighter literally dissolves on the skin, leaving no clear lines in the areas of application.

  • Lack of sequins

Everything is clear here, they simply should not be, period.

  • Silky texture

The texture is responsible for the ease of application. Silky is great with squirrel bristle brushes.

The versatile haliter shade is champagne. It fits 80% of Slavic appearance.

With all of the above properties, the highlighter literally enters the skin and becomes completely invisible.

If we are talking about daytime makeup, then you should create the effect of radiance from the inside, not from the outside. When everyone can see that you “have” a radiance that has nothing to do with the effect of healthy skin, then you missed the mark with the choice of a highlighter.

And to prevent this from happening, let’s choose a highlighter for every day among the best:

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Highlighter for every day

A favorite of all makeup artists. No makeup is complete without a thin layer of Hourglass on the face of the bride or just the model. Very thinly applied, easy to layering and remain invisible to others!

2. Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact

Highlighter for every day

From the same category of everyday highlighters with a very gentle grind. It is not felt on the face, does not make makeup heavier, but only creates beautiful highlights.

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Lightscapade

Highlighter for every day

A more accessible option for the average user, which can be seen live and touched. Although it is better to immediately apply it to the skin and understand that life is divided into “before” and “after”.

4. Illamasqua Beyond Powder

Highlighter for every day

The unusual glow found in the box from the British brand Illamaska ​​guarantees a flawless complexion with bright highlights without glitter. The ability to apply it in thick or thin layers makes it versatile.

5.Smart Girl Highlighter Incredible Hollywood – BelorDesign

Highlighter for every day

Well, the last version of the highlighter for 500 rubles. Do not be afraid of its cheapness. Of course, in terms of effect, it is inferior to more expensive counterparts, but still this version will be better than a highlighter with a rough texture and with sparkles. There is nothing in this to prevent him from getting into the TOP5 highlighters for every day.

Unfortunately, I see less and less highlighters with similar properties. Increasingly, brands are releasing super pigmented shadows – a highlighter, whose place is in the eyes, not on the face.

Now admit, have you thought about the presence of a highlighter for every day and what it should be? acute