How to repeat cut-crease makeup – step by step instructions

makeup cut-crease

I wouldn’t be surprised if cut-crease makeup ever goes out of style. Already today it is referred to as an outdated pencil technique, quietly hating for its old-school approach.

As a makeup artist, I don’t see anything in her that would prevent me from mastering this technique. After all, cut-crease makeup is an opportunity to try something new and understand a different principle of applying shadows.

Cut-crease (which means “cut crease”) is a certain technique of applying shadows, when we work with a fixed part of the eye, creating a smooth shading over the crease of the eyelid and a sharp border under the crease of the eyelid.


Some work with the pencil technique, while others achieve a similar result with a concealer or cream base under the shadow. I chose the second option to show you a simplified version of the “cut kris” makeup.

How to make cut-crease

makeup cut-crease

The first step is to paint over the stationary part of the eyelid with shadows. I did this with the P. Louise Base Pro shadow base to show you what it can do. Its density allows you to completely overlap the color of the shadows (I will talk about it in a separate article). If you take a product with a light texture, then the makeup will look dirty and the lines will be fuzzy.

Applying shadows

The second step is to open your eyes so that the concealer will be imprinted on the upper eyelid. This is done in order to determine the border that will separate the fixed part of the eyelid from the movable one.


The third step is to draw a semicircle, oval in shape, with a brush, and then pull the concealer towards the temple. Don’t be afraid to ruin your eye makeup, as concealer can be corrected and you can always correct the definition of the lower border.

makeup cut-crease

The fourth step is to fix the concealer with a dry texture. I opted for pearlescent eyeshadows. Then we draw an arrow, the tail of which should be in the same direction as the shadows above the crease of the eyelid.

makeup cut-crease

The fifth step – we bring the lower eyelid with shadows, paint eyelashes and paint over the inner corner of the eye.


This is how the cut-crease technique turned out. I cannot call it unfashionable, since this parameter does not depend on the technique of applying shadows, but on the selected palette and the image as a whole. Do you agree?


List of used products with links to reviews:


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream as a base for makeup

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Mocha Vanilla 120B & Macchiato 400G

Concealer Huda Beauty The Overachiever High Coverage Concealer Meringue 04N Fair & 18N Granola

Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter palette – Golden Sands


Styling soap

Make Up Secret Eyebrow Cream # 04


P. Louise Base Pro

Natasha Denona Love Eyeshadow Palette

Gel eyeliner Beauty Bomb Gel Liner

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal Eyeliner


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – Medusa