How to use white eyeliner to your advantage

How to use white eyeliner

– Ol, how to use white eyeliner? I bought it, and he was lying around idle. I know that they can highlight the inner eyelid and the corner of the eye, but what else? One of my readers asked me the other day.

And only I wanted to write to her – what are you, this is a real form builder – when I suddenly realized that my answer would be drawn to a full-fledged article with a step-by-step photo makeup tutorial. Everything as you like!

How to use white eyeliner

A white eyeliner is a tricky pencil whose job it is to paint over the mucous membranes of the eyes or serve as a base for shadows. Remember that it enhances the shades of colored shadows. If suddenly you bought a color palette, and it has no color return, then hello white eyeliner. The main thing is that it is persistent, otherwise the shadows will roll down, and the colors will fade.

Form structure

My favorite way to use white eyeliner is to shape it. With it, you can set any drawing you want without fear of dirt in front of your eyes. The white pencil can be easily washed off even with a cotton swab and does not require a full-fledged make-up remover. Therefore, I recommend it to beginners who have no idea which arrow shape suits them.

Step by step tutorial with white eyeliner

To draw a straight line, I suggest targeting the lower eyelid. Let it serve as a guide for the guide. Just place the pencil on your lower eyelid and see which direction it goes. At this stage, it is important not to overestimate or underestimate the line, so that the gaze does not look “upturned” or, conversely, “lowered”.


Then we draw a line above the eyelid crease towards the center. It is important not to go into the very fold of the eyelid, otherwise the line will be lost in it.

How to use white eyeliner

Draw the eyes along the ciliary edge with a pencil from the center of the pupil to the outer corner.

How to use white eyeliner

We take absolutely any color of the shadow, preferably colored, they will seem brighter, we type on a brush and duplicate a white pencil.

Applying shadows

We do the same with the upper line above the crease of the eyelid.

Applying shadows

Using a concealer brush, erase the remains of the white pencil.

How to use white eyeliner

Our eye makeup is ready!

How to use white eyeliner

Now you know how to use white eyeliner to your advantage! You can give them any shape, choose a different color of the shadows and it will be a completely different story …

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