Leningrad mascara – review, history of appearance, composition

Leningrad mascara

Leningrad mascara is the mascara that every Soviet woman knew by sight. And “comrade” Olga Blik is ready to return you to the past in order to remember what it is like to use Leningrad ink!

Did everyone believe in a bright Soviet future? Likewise, they believed in the power of the Leningradskaya ink.

Leningrad mascara

The history of the appearance of the Leningrad carcass

Imagine a time when mascara was considered a hard-to-find commodity. It was impossible to just go out and buy it.

Her birthplace is theater factories, and her destination is the actors’ dressing tables. Ordinary mortals could only dream of the appearance of mascara in their cosmetic bag.

True, some did not wait for their dreams to come true and went to great lengths to “depict” the presence of mascara on their eyelashes: they mixed burnt matches, soot or crushed pencil lead.


No one opposed cheap cardboard packaging or rolled their eyes at the sight of a plastic brush. And all because then there was no choice. And when he is not there, our female brain does not send signals to the “beauty” nervous system, which makes our high demands evaporate … As a result, we feel complete satisfaction from what we have.


At that time, no one scolded or threw away mascara simply because the expiration date had come to an end. It was appreciated as a pioneer tie.

Leningrad mascara

The composition of the Leningrad carcass

The lack of mascara is precisely in the composition: soap, ceresin, beeswax, stearin, vaseline oil, soot, perfume. When it got on the mucous membrane, the soap caused a strong burning sensation that it was possible to say goodbye to eye makeup.


How to use Leningrad ink

This is perhaps the shortest description for mascara: spit on the brush and draw on the product.

It would seem that everything is simple! But in fact, it was not always possible to control the amount of saliva that got in, that the soaked product turned out to be heterogeneous and caused difficulties when dyeing: the eyelashes stuck together.

And the brush that looked like a toothbrush knew nothing about the extra volume and lengthening. True, then no one dreamed about it.

Leningrad mascara

Then, a blameless look and a bright soul were more important. So let’s return this state from the past to the future and appreciate what we have?

Shelf life

And lastly, if Leningrad ink is still on sale, then it means that someone needs it ?! Raise your hand, those who remember her and are ready to buy mascara right now?