Makeup Artist Career: How to Become a Successful Master

Makeup artist career

Make-up artist’s career sounds beautiful, but now you will find out what is really behind the success of famous make-up artists.

Today every second girl asks the question – How to become a make-up artist? You can become one right now. The question is different.

How to build a career as a beginner makeup artist

Makeup artist career

If you take an interest in the biographies of famous makeup artists who have achieved success, their career began with a passion for makeup. They perceived cosmetics as a tool, no more …

Makeup literally grew into the skin of future makeup artists without their knowledge. While you googled “How to build a career for a beginner makeup artist”, at that moment they became one.

Ask the great masters when their obsession with makeup started and none of them will remember.

Take me as an example. It turns out that I became a makeup artist at school. She painted her girlfriends. Before the first lesson at 7:40, I drew arrows for them and applied shadows. Then I had no idea that this would be my job. I just liked doing it and that’s it.

  • Things are much more complicated now. When the profession of make-up artist became fashionable, many people come to it for fun. Of course, such “masters” do not stay long and leave in the very first year after they realized that the profession is not cool, but very serious.

But you should not succumb to outside influence and honestly answer yourself the question: do I want to be a makeup artist? And in order not to make a mistake with the choice of profession, I will tell you about the moments that I encountered while working as a makeup artist for 9 years.

Is it profitable to be a makeup artist

Is it profitable to be a makeup artist

You left the office because you were tired of the routine, and being a makeup artist is so much fun! Unfortunately no.

Working as a makeup artist means diving into the same routine.

You will not be able to embody creative projects every day if you need a stable income. And it comes from clients who need “client make-up”. Brides, corporate parties, photo shoots are the main income of the average makeup artist.

For your soul, you can do make-up for photography, negotiate with photographers, but all this will happen on the terms of the TFP, read, I’ll make up for you, and you give me cool pictures, that is, for free. Let’s say you have accepted this fact and are ready for this routine. Let’s go further – the budget.

Budget for a beginner makeup artist

Budget for a beginner makeup artist

You will not be able to invest your first earned money on a vacation in Bali. You are facing serious expenses for cosmetics and tools.

You will be collecting a case for a make-up artist for a couple of years to improve the quality of your services. And as soon as you understand that you can breathe out, be ready to invest in education – advanced training.

How to start learning makeup

How to start learning makeup

Master classes are very expensive, but useful for makeup artists.

Yes, who would say, self-taught makeup artist. But! When I was self-taught, there were no online training or master classes, and those that were given in our city were lessons in pencil technique with rhinestones in front of my eyes.

  • Intuitively, I didn’t want to go to these schools, and instead watched foreign video tutorials, where Western makeup artists create fast and beautiful Smokey Ice without pencil technique.

Now is a different time, and many Russian make-up artists have mastered modern techniques and teach it to her. Pay attention to their portfolio, and also study the technique in which this or that master works. Then the chances of getting to the wrong teacher will be zero.

Makeup Artist Career – Reality and Expectation

Makeup Artist Career - Reality and Expectation

You must understand that there will be both good days and bad ones. Ups and downs. Going into this profession simply because everything is different here is stupid.

Not everyone understands that this is the same job. The illusion that you are your own master is just an illusion.

You belong to a visage and must play by his rules: lack of money; physical back pain; early wake-ups at 5 am with home visits; free filming to replenish your portfolio. All this requires strength and patience.

What, then, keeps makeup artists in this vicious circle? – you ask. The secret of a successful career as a makeup artist is in love for his work, from which he expects nothing, giving more than he receives in return! This is such a difficult career as a makeup artist …

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