Miniso Eyelashes for 120 r. – review

Miniso Eyelashes

Miniso Eyelashes for 120 r. do not inspire confidence when you meet other bloggers and makeup artists with wow recommendations for eyelashes from 1.500 p. and higher…

Then I decided to find out all the pros and cons of cheap eyelashes and found out. Everything was clear from the pros, but I had problems with the contra … there were no arguments.

The fact is that expensive eyelashes are advertised as the most natural, with natural hair, a comfortable band (the one that holds the hairs), etc.

Previously, I was sure that it was so, until budget counterparts appeared, whose cost “scares” in a good way.


What’s the catch? —A question I asked myself about the suspiciously low cost of false eyelashes. Had to buy Miniso Eyelashes to answer it. And the answer is simple – these are the most ordinary eyelashes without name. There is no army of fans behind them, which came for a celebrity, whose eyes “wear” the same “fans” …

It is a misconception that the stars churn out cosmetics for the sake of pleasure. They do this while their name is literally being sold. Therefore, I smile at the next replica of a blogger or make-up artist who scolds celebrity cosmetics, behind which there is a marketing ploy and nothing else. There are, of course, exceptions, but that is why they are exceptions.

Miniso Eyelashes

Let’s go back to the eyelashes. Celebrities love to create them too, especially in Dubai. There are several eyelash manufacturers at once. Their cost starts at $ 30 because they were touched by the hand of the influencer himself, who decided to launch his line. This is how the price is born. It can cause bewilderment among those who nevertheless bought expensive eyelashes, but did not understand what they paid for ?!

And only then it turns out that there is no difference between them. It becomes a shame for the amount spent. It was to me, after which I decided to buy inexpensive copies and not be complex about this, like other makeup artists, whose case should be assembled from fundamentally expensive eyelashes. To this I also treat with a smile.

Miniso Eyelashes

An expensive and cool case is far from an indicator of the professionalism of a makeup artist. Immediately I remember the casting for the shooting for Huda Beauty, where several make-up artists were invited. I arrived with a small backpack, where I put all the essentials. Other makeup artists brought huge suitcases with exclusively luxury cosmetics.

We were given the task to make two looks: one is nude makeup, and the other is full-makeup in the style of Instagram. They failed the first task, and the second was redone three times, not understanding why such good cosmetics do not paint themselves! As a result, Huda approved my two images, so I got on the set, which I talked about here.

I again went away from the topic, because at first I planned to write a review, and as a result, I got an article for talking.


In general, I am pleased with Miniso Eyelashes, namely the way they are worn, easy to remove, not felt in the eyes, not damaged by repeated use, which is why they are stored for more than six months.

Miniso Eyelashes

Plus I was surprised by the plastic, not the paper case. For example, eyelashes from Huda Beauty worth 1.500 rubles. stored in cardboard packaging, but should it be the other way around, not?


One problem: I bought Miniso Eyelashes in Dubai, but they are not yet represented in Russia. But the article was not so much about a specific brand of eyelashes, but about budget counterparts, which should not be feared.