Returning from the UAE to Russia: how we returned to St. Petersburg!

Return from the UAE

Have you lost me? For sure. One post per week is somehow frivolous, especially after 9 years of continuous publications.

But I had a good reason not to write all these days – moving to St. Petersburg. Yes, we decided to return to Russia and did it with great desire. As soon as the wheels of the plane got off the ground, the feeling of a lump in the throat disappeared and hot tears came to my eyes.

We did it! – I said to my husband. After a long wait for the opening of regular flights and the closure of export flights, I felt joy. The fear of not leaving due to certain events in the world haunted us all these months. Until recently, we did not know exactly when we would fly away and whether we would leave at all.


And the very decision to leave the UAE was not made immediately. We weighed the pros and cons and realized that we needed to return. After all, initially we planned to work in Dubai for a year under a contract that my husband received from the company while in Russia.

Therefore, we did not pursue the goal of “fleeing Russia in search of a better life”. Our goal was to get experience abroad and we got it.

It is unusual that subscribers perceived our departure as a long-term one, although she never spoke about plans to live in the UAE for several years. Therefore, this news surprised many, and shocked some. Perhaps due to the lack of talk about our return and even hints that we are planning to buy one way tickets from Dubai to St. Petersburg.

Return from the UAE

Is it worth describing the emotions that we experienced upon our return. I still can’t get enough fresh air. I felt the lack of oxygen in Dubai only here, when I felt how deep my breath can be.

No, do not think that now I will start hating Dubai. This is a great city with its pros and cons, which I have shared in separate articles:


And finally, my admonition to you on behalf of a former expat: do not miss the opportunity to work and live in another country, if it presented itself to you. Alas, living where we feel good and comfortable, the eye begins to blur. You stop seeing the pros. Everything seems different from what you would like it to be. And only moving to another country will allow you to look at the old places, people, circumstances with a fresh look.

In general, with my return to my homeland!)