What infuriates the makeup artist and how to deal with it

What pisses off the makeup artist

Yes, yes, and I’m there! I saw a YouTube channel, where heroes of different professions tell what infuriates them in their work. And then inspiration descended on me. At first, I doubted that I would have a few points, but as soon as I remembered all my experience, I wrote the article in a trifling 5 minutes.

What pisses off the makeup artist

What pisses off the makeup artist

I’m all by myself!

What pisses me off as a makeup artist is when the client completely prepares the face for makeup and says: I applied everything (mask, serum, cream), you just have to apply the tone!

I have no idea what kind of products were on the skin, and even if a client shows them to me, then I do not know in what quantity, sequence and how the products were applied correctly.

And if only that was the problem. It’s all about tone. There are certain nuances when the tone reacts to everything that was applied before it and it can lie completely unpredictable. Therefore, make-up artists should prepare the skin for the application of makeup themselves, taking into account the wishes of the client.

What pisses off the makeup artist

Show picture

A life hack that “walks” among makeup artists: let the client show a picture with the makeup he wants and you will understand his wishes – very controversial.

After the client shows what he wants, one thing becomes clear to me: he does not understand the difference between an open and an impending eyelid. And when a client with an overhanging eyelid asks to draw you exactly the same arrows as in the photo where there is no overhang, you are in a stupor …

Of course, I’m trying to explain that with this shape of the eyes, we can draw a different arrow shape, like discontent is read on the client’s face. You begin to realize that you are making the worst mistake: you go against the rule “the client is always right”. But in any layout – if you do it at will, exactly or in a different way – he will say: another makeup artist also drew the same arrows for me as you did, although I asked others, as in this photo!


Fuck test makeup!

Trial makeup is my pain! No, he’s okay. We have time to discuss everything, decide and come to a general agreement. But on the X-day, a mulatto opens the door for you, in which you recognize your client. And as if by chance he tells you: oh yes, I almost lived here in a solarium to get a tan!

And nothing that we picked up all the shades, decided on the colors, when suddenly a completely different palette and quick decision-making is required, since I have exactly one hour for everything.

In addition, he may ask you to make a new eye makeup, not the one that we worked out and approved, but completely different, in order to add at the end: no, I still liked the one that was on the trial.

This infuriates all makeup artists when a client changes plans on the spot and starts to fuss.


Gossiping ?!

It pisses me off when clients start talking to my colleagues. I always put myself in their place and imagine how the same client is gossiping about me with another makeup artist. It’s ugly, wrong and unethical.

But how can this be explained to a client who is ready not to discuss for hours, namely to “fake” the work of other makeup artists. Some do it with such pleasure that it is understandable that if I interrupt the monologue, then I will look rude, not the client.

What pisses off the makeup artist

Add to subtract!

The makeup is ready, the client looks at himself in the mirror and asks for more shadows, blush or lipstick. When I was inexperienced, I would actually add color and then the client would ask me to return everything back. But quickly realizing what was happening, I stopped doing it, and after asking to add color, I took a clean brush and did a couple of movements. In 8 out of 10 cases, the client was satisfied: now everything is super!

And what about the remaining two cases? – you ask. They passed my test on applying makeup with a clean brush and saw that nothing had changed. And then I realized that there was a client in front of me who knows exactly what he wants and I can really add color and be sure that he will be satisfied with the result.


Something is wrong here …

And the last, most annoying point is when the client is 100% satisfied with the make-up, when suddenly, while you are putting the case together, a friend / sister / mother comes in to carefully study the make-up and pronounce the verdict: something is wrong here, I don’t know what exactly, but something is not right.

And then the client’s good mood disappeared. She begins to doubt and look for “something is not right, I don’t know what” in the reflection of the mirror.

As a make-up artist, I hate to hear this, but as a person I feel offended for a client who did not find the strength to resist other people’s opinions and say: but I like everything!


What pisses off the makeup artist

In general, the work of a make-up artist is another reason to think about retraining as a writer in order to write a collection of comic stories. But seriously, despite the loud headline and the frequent use of “infuriates”, I try to treat everything easily and simply.

I understand perfectly well that women do not always want to delve into my work, as I do in theirs. They are professionals in their field, where they encounter people like me – people who are far from their profession.

Therefore, it is so important to be able to relate to situations in a certain way so that they do not leave a residue in the soul and work brings more pleasure than disappointment.

What pisses you off not as a makeup artist, but as a client? Give us feedback so that we are aware of the moments that annoy you!