Why matte lipstick dries lips: mistakes and rules of use

Why matte lipstick dries lips

I have been using matte lipsticks since their inception. As obsessed, I accumulated so much that I did not have time to finish one, as I bought another.

Now I have calmed down, but still the best of them continue to lie in my makeup artist case. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow, and today about why matte lipstick dries the lips, rolls down and emphasizes the relief of the lips.

Matte lipstick is a lipstick with a completely matte finish. From the usual it is excellent in durability and high color efficiency.

Types of matte lipsticks:

1. Matte lipstick stick

Matte lipstick stick

2. Liquid matte lipstick with applicator

Liquid matte lipstick with applicator

3. Matte lipstick pencil

Matte lipstick pencil

Why does matte lipstick dry out lips?

Why matte lipstick dries lips

The classic lipstick includes wax, oil, moisturizers and pigment. It has more oils and moisturizing additives, which makes it less dry for your lips.

In a liquid matte lipstick, there is a maximum of pigment and a minimum of moisturizing additives, hence its disadvantage – it dries the lips. Due to this, matte lipsticks are highly pigmented and long-lasting. It’s simple. Therefore, you should not expect uncharacteristic qualities from matte lipstick. There is no moisturizing matte lipstick!

How to get rid of dry lips when using matte lipstick?

Why matte lipstick dries lips

Admit it, there was a case: they made up their lips, and after the lipstick froze, I wanted to lick them. Don’t do that! When the liquid evaporates from the surface, the skin of the lips becomes dry, which you provoke dryness.

What to do to prevent matte lipstick from pilling, not emphasizing the relief of the lips and lying flat?

Why matte lipstick dries lips

The lipstick should be applied in a very thin layer using a synthetic lip brush, not a native applicator. The thicker the layer, the more matte lipstick will accentuate their relief.

How do I prepare my lips for matte lipstick?

1. With the help of a scrub, exfoliate the top layer of the skin to get rid of dead cells, which provoke dry and flaky lips.

How to prepare lips for matte lipstick

2. Apply lip balm. Wait until it is absorbed.

How to prepare your lips for matte lipstick

  • If you do not have time for this, then take a cosmetic oil for the face. Place a drop on your finger and massage the oil over your lips. Absorb excess oil with a dry cloth. This will create a barrier between the oil and liquid lipstick, which minimizes dry lips.

How to prepare lips for matte lipstick

How and with what to wash off matte lipstick?

Only two products are suitable for removing lipstick from lips:

  • biphasic makeup remover
  • hydrophilic oil

How and what to wash off matte lipstick

Conventional makeup removers can injure your lips as you have to work hard to remove them.

  • After removing, remember to reapply lip balm to restore moisture to your skin that the lipstick was taking away throughout the day.

Now, in order to decide for yourself the question of whether to use matte lipstick, let’s see how many pluses and minuses it has.

Pros of matte lipstick:

Pros of matte lipstick

  • Does not spread
  • Highly pigmented
  • Persistent
  • No stickiness

Cons of matte lipstick:

Cons of matte lipstick

  • Requires lip preparation before application
  • Dries lips
  • Special rules for application
  • Demanding lip removal

As you can see, it’s a draw, that everyone decides for himself how comfortable he will be with matte lipstick. Do you like this coating? How often do you use matte lipstick or prefer classic lipstick?