How to become a makeup artist: at the mercy of stereotypes!

How to become a makeup artist

The profession of a make-up artist is today the dream of not only an adult girl, but also a student of grade 9 B. It is she who googles: “How to become a makeup artist after graduation.” She is bombarded with the thought of working as someone else, where she will die of boredom, before she has time to receive her first salary.

Another thing is the profession – a make-up artist … Beautiful models, cool cosmetics and a lot of money for brushing a brush! Resolved: Mom, Dad, I’ll be that … make-up artist, ok?

  • But “mom, dad” shouldn’t panic. Send them to my blog, right to this article, where I – a make-up artist with an experience of 8 years – knows everything about this profession.

Well, for example … how sad it is to become a make-up artist with only one thought: this is awesome, how cool it is to be a face artist!

If you are motivated only by this feeling, you are already out! The fuse will last for six months, or even less. Doubt? Then let’s go over all the periods.

How to become a makeup artist

In a month, the profession of a make-up artist will not seem so cool.when you start working completely free. Yes, for just spending cosmos, which should not be overgrown, read, not cheap. Find adequate photographers, organize filming, forgive models that did not come.

Lasted a month and decided that now the fun will begin. Feegley! Now wait for the pictures you took last month. Get them in six months if you’re lucky. In the meantime, continue TFPetit for the portfolio. Without it, the client “will not reach for you.”

How to become a makeup artist

The third month and you run the risk of taking a little money for your work… Let it be funny money, but still money …

And here the fun begins when a demanding client sits down instead of a silent model. He doesn’t care that he paid little for makeup. Everyone wants to see the result for $ 100. So this … wave your brushes better.

How to become a makeup artist

Fourth month – case replenishment, and not a portfolio (we are still waiting for them from the photographer Alexander Obeschalkin Pofiglich).

In parallel, doubts about the lack of their knowledge creep in. Something needs to be done about this … A small amount has been set aside for school of makeup artists and a new cosmos. To hell with cosmetics, you have to go to advanced courses! Already something yes I know, why do I need a base?

How to become a makeup artist

Fifth month. Sit on courses. You don’t understand shit …

– Excuse me, linear rhythm? How’s that?

Sixth month. Mom, dad, I … don’t want to be a make-up artist anymore!

What is the mistake of most “moms and dads” or people close to you, who forbid looking for themselves in this profession? In denial. They try to convince them without giving a chance to try!

If your daughter, son or wife is driven by the desire for the coolness of this profession, then they must go all this way. Don’t interfere. Give a year to search. And when they see the downside of this profession and still will not lose interest in her, then expect that soon he or she will become professional makeup artists yes