How to dye lower lashes with mascara: 3 simple life hacks

How to dye lower lashes with mascara

How to dye lower lashes with mascara? Is the wrong question. And here – “How to paint the lower eyelashes?” – correct.

If you do not have lower eyelashes, or rather, they are, but the rarity and straightforwardness do not suit you, you should know that there is a solution and even two.

Brush for dyeing the lower lashes

How to dye lower lashes with mascara

This form can be found in the mass market segment:

✔ Beauty Bomb Mascara Moisture Resistant Kawaii Lashes

✔ Mascara Eva Mosaic Extreme Fashion Lashes

Both have no brush for the upper lashes and steep for the lower ones. The shape of the brush, where there are practically no bristles, envelops the lower eyelashes so that they are painted in color without additional volume, and therefore without gluing the hairs.

If you are too lazy to look for mascara with a similar brush, then you may be puzzled by the search for a fan brush.

Lower eyelash brush

How to dye lower lashes with mascara

It is also suitable for coloring the lower lashes. One problem: after each use it will have to be washed, otherwise the ink that has dried on the pile will not allow you to repeat the staining as perfectly as the first time.

Who is more fortunate and one mascara copes equally well with upper and lower eyelashes, I envy you!

How to dye long lower eyelashes

I also envy those who suffer from too long lower eyelashes and do not know how to dye them correctly without emphasizing excessive length. This is also not good when the lower eyelashes draw attention and visually make the look heavier.

✔ I tell you what to do: apply the brush to the roots, lightly press and remove. Without making any downward movements, you focus only on the root zone.

What to look for when choosing mascara for lower eyelashes:

How to dye lower lashes with mascara

Ink color. If you do not like yourself with dyed lower lashes, choose brown mascara. With her, they will not be conspicuous, but the gaze will become more open.

Persistence. It is desirable that the mascara is waterproof.

Brush size. With rare exceptions, large brushes can color the lower lashes as beautifully as the upper ones. Mascara with short bristles is preferable so that you can get to the roots of the eyelashes.

Number of stains. Better to limit yourself to one layer of mascara on the lower lashes. All subsequent operations will lead to their gluing.

Now that’s it!

I’m ready to listen to your problems with lower eyelashes: are they there or you haven’t asked such a question?