How to make shadows brighter: 8 life hacks of makeup artists

How to make shadows brighter

We all ask ourselves the question: how to make shadows brighter? 10 years ago, this was a real problem for me.

The shadows looked cool on the fingers and not very much on the eyes. Washed color, dirty shading and, hello, make-up remover. Since then, a lot has changed that I decided to remind you how to make the shadows brighter.

1. Concealer

How to make shadows brighter

This is one of the first color enhancement methods used by makeup artists. The shadows are much brighter, and the shading is quick and high-quality.

What should you look for when choosing a concealer with which you have decided to replace the base under the eyeshadow? For his endurance. Otherwise, your makeup will be mobile and within an hour you will find rolling shadows in the crease of the eyelid. For this reason, now it is used only on the non-moving part of the eyelid to smoothly take the color of the shadows into the skin.

2. Base under the shade

How to make shadows brighter

Everyone was happy about her appearance, both dry and oily skin types. The menace of unkempt eye makeup remained in the 2000s. Now everyone can afford a budget base with very cool quality. I told about my preferences in the article The best base under the shadow

3. Black eyeliner

How to make shadows brighter

Another option that no Smokey Ice can do without. Through kayala we not only paint over space between eyelashes, but also prepare the “soil” for future shading of the shadows. Thanks to the pencil, the shadows very easily “enter” the skin, forming a haze.

4. Cream eyeshadow

How to make shadows brighter

Want to save time, use as a basis cream / liquid eyeshadow… It is so easy to work with them that it will be easier for a beginner to master the technique of applying shadows than with a pencil or base under the shadow.

5. Gel liner

How to make shadows brighter

If you want 100% long-lasting eye makeup, then you can gel eyeliner… Not everyone knows how to handle it. Certain skills are required – quickly apply and blend the eyeliner before it has time to harden. It is not surprising that only makeup artists prefer to use this technique, and not amateurs.

6. White pencil

How to make shadows brighter

Colored shadows are a pain for many if they are not of very high quality. They are very easy to recognize: lightly pigmented, texture like chalk.

It’s a pity to throw it away, but sometimes you want to embody colored eye makeup. In this case, use a white pencil. Shade the entire movable eyelid with it, blend along the edges and apply colored shadows. Bright eye makeup is guaranteed.

7. Wet application

How to make shadows brighter

My favorite option is to apply the eyeshadow with a damp brush. For this method, I choose not water, but fixing makeup spray… With it, the shadows acquire not only brightness, but also durability.

8. Liquid matte lipstick

How to make shadows brighter

In recent years, it was she – liquid matte lipstick used as a base for shade. The choice of colors allows you to buy any shade and use it instead of a primer.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is how comfortable the texture is for the eyes. Sensitive and dry eyelids are not the best choice for lipstick.

So, before you a huge selection of funds! Now I am wondering which of the ways did you try / didn’t try and how did you like / dislike it?