Lip makeup 2020: TOP 5 fashion trends

Lip makeup 2020: TOP 5 fashion trends

The article “Lip Makeup 2020” may seem irrelevant, because the New Year 2020 is still 184 days old. But what prevents to keep abreast of events now. In my opinion, it’s cool to know the answer to the question: what makeup trends await us in 2020?

In past articles, you learned the following:

Lips remained. They have their own plans for the next year. Ready to find out which ones?

Lip makeup 2020: TOP5 trends

1. Glossy lips

Lip Makeup 2020 Glossy Lips

Rejoice, not lovers of matte lipsticks! Gloss is making a comeback, becoming trendy.

Moisturized lips covered with gloss return the volume of lips that matte lipstick so impudently “selected”. Catwalk makeup artists ignore the presence of matte textures and increasingly favor glitter.

2. Wine lip makeup

Lip Makeup-2020 Wine Makeup

Another trend that has moved from 2019 to 2020. Various variations of wine-red shades were seen at several shows at once. Against the backdrop of “no makeup” trends and bleached eyebrows (which is also a 2020 trend), lips look even brighter and juicier.

3. Kissed lips

Lip Makeup 2020 Kissed Lips

A trend that came from Asia with a certain type of lipstick application technique – we apply lipstick to the center and blend it with a brush, reducing the color to naught to the contour of the lips. This creates the effect of just kissed you). A simple technique can save you time and effort, especially when using bold colors. Shades range from peach pink to classic reds.

4.50 shades of red

Lip makeup 2020 50 shades of red

In the article “Fashion makeup trends that will never go out of style”I mentioned red lips. Therefore, if you want to be in trend every year – “wear” red lipstick! Only the method of application and shades change. For example, this season the choice fell on light orange, wine and cool red lipsticks.

5. Berry lips

Lip Makeup 2020 Berry Lips

Unbeknownst to everyone, berry tones smoothly moved from the trends of “lip makeup-2019” to “lip-makeup-2020”. This is due to the versatility of color. They look with any skin tone. The main thing is to control the saturation and not be afraid to mix one color with another, using several shades of lipsticks.

This will be the lip makeup 2020. I am sure that some of the trends will affect the production of cosmetics and store shelves will be replenished with lip glosses and new shades of red lipsticks.