Makeup in one tool: summer look step by step

Makeup in one tool

Makeup with one tool – is it possible? Even if you hold the Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette in your hands.

Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette.

Bronze eye makeup is the perfect opportunity to unleash the full potential of a bronzing palette. Show how the shades are combined with each other not only on the face, but also on the eyes.

Let’s start our eye makeup with one tool.

Makeup in one tool step by step photo tutorial

  • You don’t have to think a lot with the Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette. Bronze matte shade is used for the design of the crease of the eyelid. With the help of a fluffy brush, we distribute the color without fear of going beyond the movable eyelid
  • Want to enhance the color of your bronzer, but don’t know how? We take a pencil. We bring them the lower eyelid.
  • Next, fix the pencil with the same shade of bronzer and get a richer color.
  • Give the movable eyelid to the cream highlighter. It will replace the base under the shadows. After all, our task is to make makeup with one tool, remember?
  • Apply pearlescent bronzer on top.
  • Highlight the corner with a highlighter.

Makeup in one tool

It’s so simple when you have a limited number of products and you don’t really have much to choose from.

Challenge yourself sometime with one makeup to appreciate the beauty of a single product, like the Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette.

By the way, a review on it is coming soon. Do not disappear from the radar, there are many interesting things ahead yes

Makeup in one tool

List of used products:


► Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation # 52 Vanille

► Concealer Natasha Denona Transfix Matte Concealer # 4N – neutra

► Bronzer for the face Natasha Denona Mini Bronze & Glow Cheek Duo


► Palette for face Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow Palette

► Eyeliner Pupa Multiplay # 74


► Natasha Denona Mark Your Liquid Lips Metallic – Nude Metallic – nude champaign