Step-by-step makeup in green tones: photo instruction

Step-by-step makeup in green tones - photo tutorial

“Step-by-step makeup in green tones” is not the most popular topic on the Internet. I wonder why? unknw

Perhaps the green shadows are intimidating with their color? Or a misunderstanding with what colors to combine green shades is repulsive? If both, then it’s time to teach you how to use green shadows.

If you are new to this business, then I recommend starting with banal combinations.

  • The closest shade that is next to green (remember the rainbow) is yellow. All derivatives of this shade will help you smoothly take the green color into the skin tone and create imperceptible transitions on the moving eyelid.

Step-by-step makeup in green tones - photo tutorial

Golden pearlescent shadows are the very thing to fill the moving eyelid with color. Orange is the same color next to green. They can designate not only the inner corner, but also the mucous membrane of the eye.

And leave the lower eyelid in a marshy shade of brown to make the makeup look discreet, but quite bright.

Step-by-step makeup in green tones - photo tutorial

So, all the makeup is surrounded by yellow, orange and brown shadows. They are not capable of ruining green eye makeup.

Therefore, who still does not know how to combine certain shadows, remember the rainbow and surround a certain color with nearby flowers. I just said everything, but you didn’t believe acute

Step-by-step makeup in green tones - photo tutorial

Now let’s take a look at the technical part of makeup in green tones:

Step-by-step makeup in green tones - photo tutorial

  • Initially, I used a pencil shadow to maximize the color of the shadows. This is a mandatory step if you are using makeup for a photo. The fact is that the flash breaks through the shadows and instead of them we see faded incomprehensible spots. Therefore, if I did this makeup for life, then I would be limited to the usual base under the shade.
  • Next, I blend the pencil with a fluffy synthetic brush.
  • With a flat goat hair brush, I apply the first shade – golden.
  • I attach a pearlescent green to it.
  • Keg brush I paint over the outer corner with matte shadows, going beyond the fold of the movable eyelid. There is no place for pearlescent shadows here, as you accentuate the skin’s relief and it will look wrinkled.
  • I highlight the inner corner with yellow shadows.
  • I paint over the lower eyelid with a brown squirrel brush.
  • I paint over the mucous membrane of the eyes with an orange pencil.
  • Ready!

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