Color makeup base – what is it, how to apply and use


Gone are the days when a colored makeup base was only available to makeup artists among professional makeup brands.

Only they knew what spells should be cast before applying a colored base for it to work. They alone possessed the secret of their true purpose.

Now there is no mystery when there are such affordable brands as Make up Factory Ultrabalance Color Correcting Base and many others where you can find color correcting bases.

How powerful they are is an interesting question.

  • If local problems come to you without demand, then a color corrector will help you. With it, you will solve the problem pointwise.

Make up Factory Ultrabalance Color Correcting Concealer

We use green to eliminate redness.


But when the problem spreads to large areas of the face, then the next option is for you.

Make up Factory Ultrabalance Color Correcting Base

  • Purple is an excellent neutralizer of yellowness, and peach will fight to eliminate blue.


The color base will instantly solve the problems of the skin that needs it.

The light and airy texture lends itself well to application with both fingers and a brush.


But is a color base really necessary?

  • Many tonal foundations are ready to cover problem areas for free and without a neutralizing base. If you have just such a base (dense and with high pigment), then you are unlikely to appreciate the advantages of a colored base.

Who, on the contrary, for a complete nature, he will notice the changes for the better. But I would not count on a cardinal “before” and “after” with a color base, as well as rely on color-correcting powder. By the way, about her.

Make up Factory Ultrabalance Color Correcting Powder.

The idea is this: three shades at once – pink, beige, green – will take over your skin.

In reality, I did not see any serious color correction. The powder fixes makeup well without any radical “color” intervention.


Although the idea, of course, is a good one: a powder that removes all imperfections with one stroke of the brush!


In general, today you can safely do without prof. funds and prof. tricks of makeup artists.

We rejoice at the availability of all kinds of bases and do not worry about skin imperfections. Everyone has them. But what to do with them? – everyone decides for himself.

Here you are: do you use a colored makeup base or do without it?