Grunge makeup for brown eyes – photos, ideas, style

Makeup in grunge style, Grunge make-up, Photo of grunge makeup

Living in St. Petersburg, do I have the right to dirty blots on my eyes that pretend to be a grunge makeup?

It is very easy to create grunge makeup with dry eyeliner.

By the way, about the eyeliner.

Most people prefer gel eyeliners, which is understandable – a minority of cosmetic brands have dry ones. Why they didn’t enter the mass market, I still don’t understand.

  • One Suva Beauty is famous for the colored versions of dry eyeliner, the Make Up Store only lasted for two colors, and Just were noticed by me on the Nevsky banks (read how it was here).

So, what is the reason for the unpopularity of dry eyeliners?

It stays on me all day, it doesn’t get imprinted, except that it floats from the rain or from wet snow. But all the makeup will float there, and not just the eyeliner, if the products are not waterproof.

In general, I sit and think, I want to reveal this secret of the century.

If it appeared at least at a couple of brands from the mass market, then it seems to me that many would have found it. The inability to try discourages all desire, do you agree?


  • Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Foundation # 10
  • Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer # 03
  • LH Cosmetics Infinity Palette Sculpting Blush – Cigar + Maffei