Neon eye makeup: improvisation – Olga Blik


Let’s have some fun? Let’s draw neon eye makeup. Strange arrows against the background of glossy smoky ice are responsible for neon. And what?! I have the right.

It will be boring for me to have fun alone, so I want feedback. What did you see behind this flashy and not at first sight understandable eye make-up: creativity, creativity, or “well, this …”? Which option is closer to reality?


It is difficult for me to perceive my images, especially creative ones.

Of course, after a year I will look at all this “horror” and perhaps shout: Mom dear! Why am I so with myself!


But I don’t want to. I’m fine with improvisation. She unties my hands, like the brushes I bought the other day. Do you know where? Do you know how much?

At the stand “everything for manicure” a set of 5 brushes for 300 rubles. I often hang out there looking for something new. The consultants are confident that the “great” nail artist has come to them laugh

And after the purchase, I start to have fun with them. In the process, I don’t feel like washing the brushes to pick up a new color. I need so much that I do not count them during the process. And this is a lot.


Stop! I have to talk about makeup.

And let’s better you: share your impressions, and if they are not, then just tell me how you are doing? Where do you plan to spend March 8th? So I want to lie on the couch and watch “Pretty Woman” with popcorn in my hands

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  • NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Lip Cream – Jet Set