Original do-it-yourself valentine: makeup for February 14

Original valentine with your own hands

How do you like the idea of ​​“An original valentine with your own hands”? What prevents you from attributing makeup to this topic? Original? And how! Valentine card? Without a doubt? With your own hands? By the same).

In order to make a valentine with your own hands, you need hearts. You can buy them at any craft store. The cost of a bag is 80 rubles.

With eyelash glue, you can easily glue the hearts.

Their location depends on your imagination.

You can limit yourself to one eye makeup, where I lined the hearts along the crease of the eyelid (for more details, see here).

  • But for the original embodiment of the valentine, I used part of the face. Sticking the hearts in such a way as to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws. Therefore, who seeks to reduce the cheeks, he imitates the sculpting blush at the expense of hearts.

By the way, I only used cream blush and highlighter. This allows you to achieve the most natural result.

As for eye makeup, I will say the following: you can do with double arrows – red and black.

But let’s better show you step by step how to make eye makeup on February 14:

Original valentine with your own hands

  • Apply light satin shadows to the movable eyelid.
  • Soften the borders with a fluffy brush.
  • Draw a black arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  • Add a red arrow on top.

That’s all! This version of eye makeup can be used by those who have not given up their hearts, and among you there are definitely opponents of creative face makeup. Or I’m wrong?

List of used products: