Beauty Box Beauty Insider Magic Box

With a long delay I am publishing a review on the beauty box from Beauty Insiders – Beauty Insider Magic Box # 26.

You’ve probably noticed that my blog has changed direction? I reviewed some points. Which ones?

  • In recent years, I was in search and I was thrown from the side of make-ups to the side of reviews on cosmetics. Then I added the heading psychology of makeup, through which I wanted to instill confidence in novice makeup artists.

And just the other day I realized that the blog lacks educational articles! Not the step-by-step lessons that I sometimes show on the blog, but basic articles

  • Reviews are, of course, good, but it is more important to understand cosmetics – to understand where and how to apply; why so, and not in another way; and only then acquires the products themselves. Do you agree?

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful excuse for publishing the already irrelevant Beauty Insider Magic Box # 26

But if for someone the composition of the beauty box is still interesting, then please read the menu).

Beauty box "Beauty Insider Magic Box"

Beauty box "Beauty Insider Magic Box"

Most of the products are past since my care is formed around one brand… And changing it can lead to unpleasant results in the form of allergies. But who can afford such luxury as “today I will smear with one cream, and tomorrow with another” that is definitely NOT me.